The cat is a clean animal; this is why the choice of its litter is important. It must be suitable for the cat so that it uses it regularly and it must respond to the comfort expected by the master to avoid strong odors in the house. There are three types of cat litter.

Mineral litter

It is the most common litter. It is in the form of granules and most of the time it is made of clay. The advantage of this litter is its price, it is the cheapest on the market and it correctly absorbs urine and odors. However, the mineral litter is dustier, which is not recommended for owners and especially cats with allergies. Its frequency of change goes from 1 to 2 times per week.

Pretty litter

Pretty litter consists of a mixture of zeolites, a material that gives it the power to soak up odors and urine. With this good absorption capacity, the litter lasts longer over time, from 3 weeks to 1 month. The litter appears in the form of transparent crystals, with small blue tips. The cost of this type of litter is a little more expensive, in return it is more practical and comfortable for both the cat and its owner. The particularity of this litter is that over the days, its color turns yellow.

Plant litter

You have an ecological soul; it’s 100% natural litter. It comes in the form of fibers and granules. Fiber litter consists of wood fibers, sawdust or shavings which have the advantage of containing the multiplication of bacteria. The disadvantage of fibers: they are quite light and they stick to the paws of cats which can be a source of rejection of the litter for the cat. Plant litter in granules is more comfortable for cats, because it is made up of small sticks, which are therefore less light and non-volatile. The advantage of this ecological litter is that it is biodegradable for the environment so it can be thrown in the toilet. As an ecological material, its cost is not necessarily more expensive than other types of litter. The litter, that

The special features of certain cat litter boxes

The clumping type litter brings real comfort to the cat and its owner. When the cat urinates, the soiled part forms small balls while leaving the rest dry. Simply remove this part which keeps the litter for a little longer.

Scented litter also exists in several types on the market. Its plus is above all its ability to cover bad smells, a point that the master will particularly appreciate, but you have to be careful with the cat who likes to stick to its smell. The cat is very sensitive to odor, so this should be taken into account when buying a litter box.

The goal is to make the litter box attractive and comfortable so that it can be kept clean. The best litter is therefore the one that will suit your cat, probably after several tests. Paying attention to his behavior on a daily basis can help you better choose the one that suits him best.


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