Warning: Burnout ahead. Proceed with caution.

Isn’t it everybody’s desire to avoid burnout at all costs? Wouldn’t it be nice if your brain really sent you a warning signal like the one mentioned above? Even though it might not be possible to reprogram our brain to send us such a distinct message each time it senses us nearing burnout, there are some warning signs that you can look for in order to catch burnout before it’s too late.

You’re Always Rushing

Burnout is often caused by an individual trying to take on too many responsibilities at once. When you’re in a position where you are juggling countless tasks, leading a busy social life and trying to squeeze in some downtime, you’ll most likely be rushing through your days in an effort to complete everything you are supposed to do. However, this rushed approach can often lead to you not completing your tasks to the best of your ability. Rushing through your tasks does not always mean you are productive. In fact, it can often be a sign that you are close to burnout.

You Are Stressed to the Max

It is only natural to experience stressful moments from time to time. But if you find that you are living under constant stress, this could mean that you are either already going through burnout or are close to it. Job pressure is a common source of stress, but it should not be so extreme that you are facing health consequences like constant anxiety or allowing it to affect relationships. If you find that your stress is lasting far more than it should be and is affecting multiple areas of your life, this should be a huge warning sign that burnout is near.

Low Job Performance

Due to all the other factors that lead to burnout, you’ll most likely be overwhelmingly stressed and busy in your job. Unfortunately, these aspects can lead to low job performance since your focus will be a bit more sporadic. While you should never expect perfection out of yourself 24/7, it is important to perform well in your job. Making mistakes is a natural part of growing, but if you find yourself performing your job with less gusto than you used to, it could be a warning sign that you are nearing burnout.

Confronting burnout can be a taboo subject for some, as many do not want to admit they are nearing that point. However, it is okay to admit when you are in need of refreshment in your life. When you find yourself showing some of these symptoms, take a good hard look at your life and see areas where you could delegate responsibilities to others and set some time aside to take care of yourself more intentionally.