Today we are excited to catch up with 2019 PTP Portfolio Company, ChartHop.

ChartHop delivers a fresh take on People Analytics, bringing together disparate sources of people data in a dynamic platform that’s visual and actionable. ChartHop is designed to be used by the whole organization and uses built-in access controls to protect the most sensitive data, so that the right level of insights are available to everyone throughout the company. 

With ChartHop, HR leaders can stop the daily barrage of tactical questions and start focusing on the strategic initiatives. Meanwhile, people managers finally have self-serve access to the critical data they need to effectively manage their teams. ChartHop gives HR and people managers alike the insights they need to make real-time strategic decisions about their organizations. This helps companies improve organizational health, drive alignment and accountability, and save time and money.

What is it about the current environment that makes now the time for ChartHop to execute on this vision?

Now is the time of the strategic people leader, like never before. With workforces going remote, evolving employee expectations around fairness and transparency, and social events putting an exclamation point on the need for DEI initiatives, leaders are being asked to perform extraordinary modern feats with inflexible and antiquated systems. They need fast answers to critical questions, but the fragmentation of systems and lack of rich employee data has left them scrambling. At the same time, managers are struggling to keep their teams productive and engaged in a new paradigm, while employees are feeling disconnected as they work alone in their bedroom-turned-office situations. 

Today’s organizations must adapt in order to thrive, and they need to stay ready for the next surprise around the corner. This requires a system that gives HR leaders a unified picture of their organizations, empowers managers to make data-driven people decisions, and helps employees understand and function within their company better. That’s what ChartHop is for.

How exactly is ChartHop going about this?

Our mission is to build transparency in organizations. We accomplish this by delivering an accessible platform for people leaders to help them get the strategic seat at the table that they deserve. Speaking to people leaders — understanding their challenges, needs, and hopes– has been mission-critical to building a great product.

So PeopleTech Partners has been instrumental in our growth over the past two years. When we first joined PTP, we had just an early-stage prototype. We now have a full-featured People Analytics solution that reflects feedback we’ve received from the leaders in the PeopleTech network.
For example, we’ve added tons of new functionality, including headcount planning, performance management, compensation planning, and integrations with dozens of HR systems. Most recently, we unveiled a brand new UI with a cleaner aesthetic that makes it even easier to visualize, analyze, and understand people data.

To rewind a bit, how did ChartHop first get involved with PeopleTech Partners?

I first got introduced to PeopleTech Partners in early 2019. It was still the very early days for ChartHop — as I started sharing the alpha with a handful of people, two different folks independently recommended talking to PeopleTech Partners. I quickly saw what an impressive group of companies and leaders were part of the PeopleTech network. From my first meeting with Robby Peters, I knew immediately this group was one who cared about emerging technology and that their vision was aligned with ChartHop’s.

What has ChartHop’s growth looked like since those early days?

When we did the PeopleTech Partners program in Q2 2019, ChartHop was still a team of one, making us smaller than most other companies in the program. Today, we’re crossing the 100 person mark.

ChartHop is built to help scale companies, and we’re using it for ourselves. In just two years we went from the smallest PeopleTech company to one of the bigger companies in the network.

What role did PeopleTech Partners play in supporting that growth?

Before PeopleTech Partners, I had just started working on ChartHop full time. I believed the product was headed somewhere good, but PeopleTech’s network helped give me conviction. The strong feedback from industry leaders really validated that I had sufficient product-market fit to raise a round of funding and start scaling the business.

Members of the PeopleTech network provided a lot of feedback about our target customers’ needs, about the product, and helped sharpen our value proposition to sell ChartHop in a more meaningful way.

On the heels of all this growth, what’s next for ChartHop?

We recently closed a $35m Series B round of funding and still have so much growth ahead of us. We’re accelerating our product roadmap, building more depth in our existing features, and growing a world-class team that continues to put customers first in everything we do.

Along the way, I have no doubt that PeopleTech Partners will continue to be integral to our growth. PeopleTech has such an incredible network of members who have provided insights and guidance, and we will continue to tap into that expertise to fuel the next phase of growth for ChartHop.


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