Wait a minute! This is not some mystical or magical moment that requires you to chant a few words and watch money come to you, is it? No, far from it. This post is a practical guide that teaches you how, through taking the right steps and doing the right things, you’ll naturally attract the wealth you desire. And if there’s anyone who truly knows a thing about wealth and how to obtain it, it is Daniel Mangena. If you’ve never heard of him, here are a few things to know:

Daniel Mangena is a transformational life coach, public speaker and author. He is today, not just living his best life, but sharing the formula with the rest of us. He has had his share of pain and loss, so he understands what it’s like. After a late diagnosis of Asperger’s and losing millions of pounds twice, he designed a self-help method that helped him overcome the hate, pain, depression and negativity. Today, that method is in a book titled Stepping Beyond Intentions, and is just one of the many ways Mangena is reaching out to millions across the world.

Through his platform, Dream with Dan, Mangena has continued to share useful insights into creating real wealth by a simple law of attraction that he formulated. We have broken this down into basic steps and key factors for you.

Know what you want; and be precise

If you really take the time to ask, most people don’t know what they want. They live each day chasing shadows. Today, they want a Ferrari because their favourite celebrity just got one; tomorrow, they want to own a tech startup because that is the new business trend. You need to ask yourself what you really want. If you want to attract wealth, you must begin to think that way. Clearly define how wealthy you want to be and how you’re going to do it. As Mangena says, “it’s not enough to want more money. If you don’t know exactly what you want, nothing will happen”.

Let your feelings, actions and beliefs reflect what you want

Once you have identified what you want, you must programme everything about you to go after that it. Your belief system must change to accept that goal, your feelings must be geared towards it, and your actions must be tailored everyday towards achieving it. Sometimes, it may also mean silencing those limiting beliefs and feelings, just to get what you want. Mangena says that you must be like that little baby- without a care in the world, with no fears or stories preventing it from seeking what it wants and actually getting it.

Act on what you want

So, you know what you want and you now believe that you can get it. The next step is actually going out there to get it. “Wake up everyday and identify that one action that can take you a step closer to what you want, and then take that action” says Mangena. But that action and the results therein must also be anchored in the new belief and feelings that you now have. You need to witness how that result manifests in your life. Taking note of the changes that occur is also extremely important.

Celebrate the small wins

It’s extremely important to trust the process. You may not get the entire $15,000 in one day or even meet your $30,000 monthly target, but the fact that your income increases by 150% is a win that is worth celebrating. Pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you’ll do better next month. That increase of $6000 is a significant win, and if you’re honest; you can double that the next month. That is how wealthy people think. As Mangena told Forbes in a December 2020 feature: “Achievers measure, celebrate, and recalibrate when needed, in order to reach their destination”.

Be consistent

Never accommodate complacency. Each day, you must remind yourself what the goal is, set your gaze on the ball, raise your feelings and find new energy to match it. You must constantly believe that you will achieve it and take an action each day to inch closer to your destination. Your celebration of the previous day’s victory isn’t a pointer to relax and slow down; it is a motivation that you can do it. So, you see: it is not magic. Even though the results can seem magical because you probably haven’t thought about it that way before. This is the key to wealth attraction. Knowing what you want, believing you can have it, programming your belief systems and feelings to accept what you want, acting on what you want, celebrating the small wins and maintaining consistency