Omkar Shewale

It is a known fact that celebrities have a lasting impact on people’s choice. They play a crucial role in shaping up the preferences of the audience. Fitness being in demand like never before has encouraged many young individuals to build a chiselled physique. When we talk about a ripped body, it requires to have a disciplined workout, a strict diet regime and adequate rest and sleep hours. However, many take a shortcut by using steroids to get in shape. Giving an insight into the use of anabolic steroids, Omkar Shewale spills the beans about its usage and side effects in the long run. Shewale has been a trainer to Bollywood singer Darshan Raval.

Fitness being a passion since childhood for Omkar saw him immerse in this profession completely. The trainer has always been against the use of steroids as it harms the body. “Using anabolic steroids may give short-term gain, but it might result as the long-term pain”, said Omkar. As per the studies, the use of anabolic steroids may cause permanent health problems like kidney failure, liver damage, increased risk of blood clots, baldness, decrease in sperm count and many other side effects. “It again depends from person to person, but there are high chances of the human body being harmed because of the usage of anabolic steroids”, added Omkar.

An ardent follower of all-natural and organic products, Shewale believes in the saying, “Slow progress is better than no progress.” The reason behind organic food being the most trusted form of nutrition is because it is environmentally sustainable. Furthermore, the celebrity fitness trainer revealed that people are always fascinated by the world of glamour, but they tend to forget that celebrities undergo a lot of treatments to ace a perfect look. Omkar who hails from Satara, Karad urges all his clients to exercise daily and have good nutrition. In other words, the trainer suggests that working out daily and eating cooked food at home is the secret to building a healthy and fit body. 

In his career as a personal trainer, he hardly cheats on his meals. The majority of the meals consumed by Omkar are cooked at home that is of higher nutritional value. Along with a proper workout and a healthy diet, adequate sleep is something that helps in the building of muscles. Having a diploma degree in personal training, Omkar Shewale’s quest and curiosity to promote fitness and body positivity has helped many people transform their lives. By revealing this dark side of anabolic steroids usage, Shewale has opened the eyes of many millennials who focus to take a shortcut to get a ripped physique. The fitness trainer through his work is indeed helping people in achieving their body goals at a gradual pace.