The man behind the wireless revolution, Craig Davis, was born in Brooklyn, New York. Before the fruition of his dreams, his mind, body, and spirit started to dwell on football and within the spheres of his family. He slowly but surely strengthened his foundations at Georgia Southern University, where he studied Business Management, which all he had learned would play a big role later in his life. But before jumping into the big arena of technology, he had first to start his career serving on a local hometown restaurant in Kennesaw, Georgia. 

Through his hard work and determination, he was able to land a position as a systems engineer in the wireless industry, which now earns him a salary that is miles away from where he started. Currently an expert in wireless integration he’s also a family man with two sons, he had set his sights on Florida to begin expanding his dream of wireless advancements. 

The discipline Davis learned from playing football, the knowledge he obtained from college, the humility he earned from serving the tables in a restaurant, and the purpose he discovered in his family have all played an important role in the realization of his dream – the establishment of Fastwave Communications

Fastwave, it turns out, was also fast in tracks, by delivering breakthrough technologies and above-the-standards quality to the market, that on September 4, 2019, the city of Atlanta temporarily ‘stopped’ for a while to watch as Fastwave Communications was awarded the prestigious Best of Atlanta Award in Telecommunications. 

It’s a day that showed the city of Atlanta and to the world the quality of work that this telecommunications company has been delivering all these years. This award puts the company ahead of other telecom companies when it comes to the quality of the solutions they provide in the market. 

This prestigious award was the result of Fastwave Telecommunications’ products and services that caters to the real needs of the market. A lot of people will naturally think that the scope of these products and services would only be limited to the personnel of the wireless industry. But like Fastwave’s wireless capabilities, the benefits of its technologies can reach beyond what one can expect. By taking a closer look, it also benefits media outlets, the entertainment industry, healthcare industry, internet providers, delivery services, and ultimately key in the advancement of the worlds “Smart” devices. By fusing the technologies and services of Fastwave Communications into their operations, these industries saw significant growth in their efficiency and effectiveness. 

One of the core strengths of the company is the trust they’ve earned from various big companies. Fastwave has provided hundreds of reliable cell-site related operations for big cellular companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile & U.S. Cellular. Having this kind of trust from big cellular companies is a testament that the services being rolled out by Fastwave is something that can be relied on and of high quality. 

They also have an intricate measure when executing their operations to ensure that the standards of the industry are always met – and exceeded- to bring utmost satisfaction to its customers. One of their most important measures is having a team of certified engineers both in the field and network support side, creating site commissioning files, verifying neighboring cell towers, and even building blade clusters for E911 call testing which is a necessity to the U.S Government. These high standards are what keeps Fastwave Communications on being one of the most sought-after companies when it comes to high-quality wireless service. 

Along with the double efforts they are taking to improve their technologies and services, one of Craig Davis’ goals is to use Drone Technology to help his team scope cell sites to implement efficiency with their installs, design and site mapping. “I forsee this generating full time employment for hundreds of families in early 2020. It’s unbelievable and exciting to generate jobs and watching this company grow from nothing it is extremely humbling.” Says Davis

Since it comes with a complex undertaking and huge resources, he wants to show the world that a company like Fastwave is capable of such a big task, and also, he wants to prove that a great company can also come from Atlanta