You might have heard someone say, “It could be better,” or you may have answered someone that way too, but it could always be worse. There is a story of a teacher who held up a piece of paper with a dot on it. He asked his students what they saw. They said, “A dot.” He asked, “Didn’t you see all the space around it?” Life will hand you some bad things, but there are many good things to be happy about. Consider the numerous ways you can stay positive in difficult times.

Dental Emergencies and Appointments

Dental emergencies are not fun. Neither is going to the dentist for routine cleanings and x-rays. No one goes to the dentist for a good time, but you can take comfort in knowing you’re doing something good for your health by taking care of your mouth. After visiting the dentist, you won’t have any problems holding you back from eating the foods you like. You won’t have horrible pain anymore. With any dental or doctor appointment, be happy that you’re taking responsibility for yourself.

Losing Your Job

Losing your job can seem extremely scary. This is especially true when you start thinking of all the bills you have. You need to consider that people lose work all the time, and it’s happened to a number of people in the past. These pivotal points in people’s lives make them take notice of their talents and they get to see what they’re made of in difficult times. Don’t let a mediocre job hold you back from greatness. If you lose your job, you have an infinite amount of possibilities to plan a wonderful life. If you lose your job, it’s time to start going after your dreams. There are a number of at-home jobs you can explore: baking, writing, dog-walking, babysitting and more. You can always choose to seize the day.


Being sick is no fun. Whether it’s a major sickness or a minor one, it can make you sad in a short period of time. Your head might hurt, you might have body aches or are doubled over and unable to move. The good thing about most sicknesses is that they’re temporary. Another good thing you need to consider is that we have medicine galore that you can take for virtually every ailment under the sun. You also have a host of natural remedies you can take to help you. The best thing to think about when you have a sickness is that you get to be extra kind to yourself. When you can’t work or go to school, it’s time to sit, put your feet up, take extra long showers, put on comfy socks and pajamas and everything you would love to do to relax. Get out your favorite movies, take your medicine, and snuggle up to an extra plush blanket. You might be sick, but you can always be extra kind to yourself when you are.

Make Backup Plans and Get Help

It’s wise to plan for what you can. Make backup plans to help you when a difficult time hits. For example, keep emergency savings on hand, have a spare tire in your trunk, and keep nonperishable food and water in the house when an emergency strikes. However, you can’t plan for every little thing. When things happen, consider reaching out for help. For instance, if you have a little one on the way and need help, you can contact an adoption agency. Getting help can help you learn about your options and create positive change in an otherwise difficult situation.

Life can be unpredictable, but there are things you can do about it. Consider all the hard things you have already been through. They’ve made you strong. Face each difficult thing with the attitude that it will make you stronger and wiser. You will find that you will become more resilient as you get older.