You have to stand firm and support your presence in this world. Your innate combination of experiences and qualities; you may want supporters but you need to be your first supporter. So let’s go on a trek together…

Seed planting season is here…

The best time to stimulate the mind is when it least expects it. So you feeling down, exhausted, just a little foggy, tired of goal setting, well NOW is the best time, I promise. Let me tell you why?

You alter the amygdala part of the brain focused on old way thinking to stop the cycle of dull and you revive it but jotting, visualizing, setting a process towards an alternate path and firing new neurons. For extreme results do this after 10 minutes to 20 minutes of high impact cardio. I will tell you later…

  1. Be sure, be clear with your end goal
  2. Be afraid, be very afraid its the leap out of your comfort zone
  3. Leap – It’s the strategic plan – phase one – ACTion!
  4. Complete each strategic phase, recognize it, tweak it, and flow
  5. Remember no.1 daily. Stay grounded.

Its easier to move forward when you trust in your own capabilities. Then go deep, What are you here to create? What can you contribute to this lifetime? What are your unique talents?

When you understand your own application on task, you’ve already achieved. Make it your mission to evaluate and understand what your supporters or strategic partners are capable of. Negative and positive does not always equal charged. Do not underestimate the balance in all things.

Yet be truthful of the criticism you require, if any or the way you would like to obtain assessments towards progression. Family goals or business goals expand from individual goals. “If I understand what I bring to the table I am more able to support my partner’s vision, my child’s future, my business plan, and the community I live in”. So, do not hide your challenging persona; label it and apply it where necessary.

There is a book quite valuable to define why eating alone isn’t productive. So, be sure to find unity with your greater supporters and your skilled partners, that completely understand your strategic goal. I recommend this book on Amazon

“Never-Eat-Alone — Secrets-Success-Relationship” 

by Tahl Raz Keith Ferrazzi

On Cardio and the Brain:-

Aside from its health benefits let’s focus on it’s motivation, laser-focus, and support to goal-setting. We have known the benefits of Dopamine. I will summarize the key points that pertain here; 

When you adopt a schedule that includes cardio it will support the increase of dopamine to help you:-

1) improve your working memory

2) impact your learning capacity and your ability to retain information

3) increases individual motivation

On Meditation and Goal-Setting:-

There are countless studies on the benefits of meditation, but here I want to emphasize two things; clear your negative swirling mantras and revise your thoughts with short and long-term goals. 

I speak from experience when I tell you, this is not a quick fix plan. I have no doubt that if you plant a seed firmly in the ground; remove your swirling thoughts that create more anxiety and judgments of losses; and replace it with potentials, possibilities, and actions then you will see a transformed reality.

This is You in a Zero-in-Focus Plan.


  • Shenase Karrim

    Management Consultant & The Wellness Analyst

    Shenase is a South-African American, a life-long learner who believes in education, empowerment training, neuroscience and yoga, with an emphasis on well-being into the human value footprint, which she teaches in her ISHTA Yoga classes and MAAP Life workshops. An experienced professional in project management; she enjoys cyber security, data and policy governance. "I dedicate my life to expanding knowledge and sharing concepts in the healing power of integrative practices towards self-care, human performance, and well-being.  Living by listening to your truth, the rest is noise and it will pass, some are side-effects of choices, either way, they are lessons and pondering on the uncontrollable is not living." Image credits: Mr Soho, a special & talented individual. Thank you for understanding my mission and providing me with inspiration to send a message for the greater good.