Dreams Chaser Media is a Talent and Advertising Agency. The foundation of the firm was led by Alpesh Shah in 2016 at Ahmedabad Gujarat later on the branch was started at Mumbai Vile Parle. Alpesh recently tried his luck out as a director & producer in the Indian film industry. As DOP Alpesh has done two web series whose release dates were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was working on both projects since 2019, the projects came to hold but he is planning to release both the projects by November 2021 under his production.

When the road gets bumpy, don’t retreat. Remember that every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve. While never easy, facing and embracing adversity can lead to success, making us stronger, and better equipped for anything and everything that lies ahead.

Everyone has a different talent and way of working, it’s a little bit difficult to find work which will be apt. But that’s what challenges are all about. His agency aces each and every difficulty with grace and does an amazing job. 

Alpesh Shah, Founder – Dream Chasers Media

Alpesh Shah says challenges and problems are essential parts of life that give you experiences, make you learn and help you to become wiser and stronger. Problems make us grow and shape us. The most significant problem people have is that they hope for a life without problems. This is an impossible goal and would lead to a boring life without character. We will all have issues – small or large – the difference is how we deal with the problems and challenges that occur.

Challenge is the hard things in life. And they’re different for all of us. My challenges are not the same as your challenges. What I find easy, may be what you find hard. And so, challenge is hard.  We humans generally hate to be challenged. We hate the struggle of overcoming obstacles and we hate looking bad when we fail. We much rather take the easy path; the path we know we can handle. And even if we don’t look good doing it, of even if it doesn’t lead to the results we want, we still prefer to take on the easy way.

He says more important than achieving success is learning to accept the failures that come in the way. No person can say that he has always succeeded in his endeavors and if he does, he is lying. Failures are a part of life and although it might sound cliche, but the harder you fall, the higher you rise. Every drawback should be a learning experience and what is important is to learn from ones mistakes and not repeat them again.

Successful people have their own unique way of dealing with problems. Where others see impassable barriers, they see challenges to face and obstacles to beat. They do not allow their confidence to falter in the face of negativity which holds back so many sensible people from accomplishing great things. Successful people don’t lament about their personal deficits when they make mistakes. Instead, they try to fix their mistakes no matter how much effort it takes said Alpesh Shah.

If we want to achieve success, we must adopt the challenge mindset. We want to have an outlook that seeks challenge as a great opportunity. We need to look at the challenges of our life, and the world, as opportunities and seek to grow by overcoming difficult times he said.

Life is a challenge and we should always be ready to face anything and everything that it has to offer. Success doesn’t come from the love of monotony and a knack for running from challenges, rather it comes from facing the challenges that life throws at you upfront. Every moment of life can be made a challenge and the experience that it brings can be savoured forever, but some among them are fundamental to the success he quoted.