If somebody has repeatedly tried and failed to overcome anxiety or other mental health issue, what that person think?

I am broken

There is something very wrong with me, other people can change but I can`t

I will have to live with this all my life

It is just who I am, I can`t be better

No, does NOT mean that they are BROKEN

It is not a reflection on the person!

That is simply a reflection on the METHOD.

If this method doesn`t work – CHANGE IT!

They can be Free from their emotional struggles and inner turmoil

… EVEN IF they’ve been struggling for years…
… EVEN IF they feel like they’ve tried everything…

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”. – Socrates

Stop fighting. It’s not worth it. Yes, I speak of change. The “force” of life, of evolution, that never stops coming at us.

Why do so many of us fight change? Why don’t we concentrate and place our energy in building on the new that comes with change?

Very simple – CHANGE IS HARD

I believe that nowadays we focus so much on the past that we close of possibilities for the future. Instead of accepting that what has happened is already done and over with, our generation relies on asking questions such as “what if.”

Change is not just about where you live or work. Change is LIFE. Change is a mantra and mindset for how we think, how we manage expectations and decisions.

The secret of change is to KEEP GOING.