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“The beliefs and evaluations people hold about themselves determine who they are, what they can do and what they can become” -Burns, Psychologist

I am inviting you to really sit with this.

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Have you considered that self image — which is basically how we view or see ourselves — often what determines our personality, our success at work, our relationships, and our wellbeing as a whole?

Do you ever find yourself working too hard, feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

Have you considered that it’s a cue that negative self perception might be driving that. Let me ask you — What are you thinking and feeling about yourself in those moments?

When I have asked this question, many of my clients have said “I am not good enough”

Now, ask yourself, can I choose a different way of feeling right now?

Can you see how it’s a choice then. To dive deep into this, please listen to my latest podcast episode.

That change in self perception — from feeling like your life is not in your control to being the “master of your fate” like William Ernest Henley wrote — is all up to you!

Are you realizing how powerful this is?

So, here are some powerful steps you can take to change your self image:

  1. Pause. Anytime you’re feeling out of peace, angry, overwhelmed, anxious, over-thinking, or you find yourself working too hard — then you know it’s time to pause. Take a deep breath.
  2. Change Your Thoughts. Ask yourself, “Do I like how I am feeling and thinking?”, “Is this thought expansive or constrictive?”. If it’s not where you want it to be, then here’s where choice comes in — change your thoughts.
  3. Sit in Silence. To me, this is the most important step — I get all my downloads from this place. Practice praising yourself.