Rapid Transformational Therapy

I certainly have, no matter how well I am be doing I return to the same self-doubt, no matter how confident I may be at a given time the feeling doesn’t last, when the drive and determination occurs I know a few weeks later the dips and self- sabotage will also occur.

This was until I discovered Mindfulness and Meditation, but what really helped seal the deal was discovering Rapid Transformation Therapy.

What is Rapid Transformation Therapy? Wow where do I begin?!

This therapy which is a hybrid of hypnosis, NLP, CBT and psychoanalysis was created by UK’s best voted therapist Marisa Peer. From childhood we create scripts in our mind based on everything we experience around us. Our interaction with parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, employers and their behaviours, opinions, and thoughts go towards forming our own beliefs about ourself. All of this begins to form our identities and the way we act and portray ourselves.

These beliefs are wired onto our brain, and as we reinforce these though patterns, the wiring becomes stronger. If these opinions are negative then we will perceive ourselves in a negative manner, the self doubt, and lack of self love will influence our present life. A lot of these thoughts are in the subconscious part of the brain and we aren’t even aware of their existence, but they are there, continuing to have an impact on our daily life.

Rapid Transformation Therapy begins by exploring the root cause of where these beliefs have stemmed from; by working deeply on the subconscious level. When you are able to understand where the belief came from we can work to release this, and rewire the brain with positive beliefs instead. The brain is very suggestible to new ideas, so allowing the new positive beliefs to be embedded on the subconscious level can then allow the transformation to begin.

Understanding our beliefs is key to knowing why we behave in certain ways and attract the same friends, ‘luck’, and relationships that may not always prove to be positive. To break this cycle we need to understand the root cause of it, often we would not make a connection between an experience in childhood or even later has been having a direct impact on our life ever since.

Most of my life my mind was trapped in the belief I wasn’t enough. I was always searching for friends to accept me and doing absolutely anything to make them ‘like me’, I would be the one waiting for text messages and taking it super personally when there wasn’t an instant reply. I was the one wishing I had the outgoing personality of my cousins, the intelligence of my partner, the confidence and motivation of my friends.

For me understanding that I was holding onto so many beliefs from childhood and how they were having an impact on my everyday life for the last 20 years was a game changer. Experiencing Rapid Transformation Therapy was incredible, I was able to break free finally, feel the weight lift, and almost feel like a completely new person. The process was deep, very emotional and a huge eye opener, however through it I found my own self worth, self acceptance and self love and that truly set me free.

I began to finally set my own goals, created my own vision for the future, felt like an equal who was able to push past any judgements and soar forward. The results continue to amaze me, my friendships are thriving and continuing to grow, family relationships getting stronger and stronger and my business is flying.

Working on goals is fantastic, working on self development is amazing, but if you are ready to really dig deep and transform to become the person you absolutely deserve to be then rapid transformation therapy is definitely the game changer you’ve been waiting for.


  • Sheena Shah

    Life Coach NLP Mindfulness practitioner, Nutritionist & Optometrist

    Optometrist, Mindset and Mindfulness Coach, Nutritionist and a Mum of 2 beautiful girls. My passion and purpose is in self development and helping others live their best life.