There are many shows online that make DIY home renovation projects seem effortless. The reality is that there is more than just a TV host; there is an entire team working diligently behind the scenes to make a design come to life. There is also an unseen, actual budget that is beyond reach for the average viewing audience member. For the people looking to spice up their current home with inexpensive flair, they do not have to spend a fortune to be happy. Even the smallest personal touch can make a house feel more like your own.

Learn to Love Paint

Magnetic chalkboard walls can instantly change a room. This is accomplished by using a magnetic primer, followed by a chalkboard overcoat. There are also plenty of other paint uses that can add character and dimension, such as striping a staircase or accent wall, applying bold uses of color, rejuvenating antiques, or painting trim in various colors. Bright front doors are very trendy, instantly giving your home curb appeal and a fun personality. 

Patterns and the illusion of textures are another trend with paint. By applying different coats using tools such as sponges and oddly-shaped items, there‚Äôs no limit to the patterns and layers you can create. Faux concrete walls are possible by using a combination technique of paintbrushes, dry cloths, and buffing.

Think of Non-Traditional Accessories

Outdoor items, such as planters and garden accessories are no longer being used just outside. Bring nature indoors, creating a seamless transition by displaying pavers as bookends or stacking succulent pots along an entryway. Stair rails are no longer confined to materials like wood and wrought-iron. Do something non-traditional by making a rope handrail. Add height to any part of a room by painting a pedestal and then adding potted greenery on top.

Invent New Storage Solutions

Coming up with new ways to store everyday items is always exciting, and if it can be combined with a DIY project that also enhances the home, all the better. People who hate seeing shoes in their entryway can paint holders like a cubby and then cover them with fabric, such as a table skirt. Place a mirror and trinkets, along with other decorative pieces, on top.

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