Matthew c nickerson official image in hd 2021

Most of us experience life-changing incidents that provide us motivation and the potential to come out of our comfort zone and do something bigger in life. Many of us get successful and hence live a peaceful life. The secret to a peaceful and happy life is in actual accepting the facts of what that incident has generated and then achieving whatever opportunities life provides us. Matthew C. Nickerson did the same and today he is living a happy life covered with fame and success.

Related to a middle-class American family, Matthew grew up seeing his parents work hard to achieve a better life. His mom started as a waitress and his father was a chef in a simple restaurant. Working hard for their three kids, they successfully achieve more than past as Matthew’s mom opened a Montessori school named Cottonwood and his father achieved a high rank in Safety Engineer. Their two kids were also active in school. As Matthew was energetic and the youngest of his siblings, he saw and learned a lot from his family including the traits of persistency, hard work, and teamwork. Besides taking good grades in school, he participated in all sorts of extracurricular activities and sports. In a very short time, he became one of the best athlete students in his school.

In his teenage, as he was doing very well in sports, he decided to become a professional athlete but his life took a huge turn. During his senior year of high school, Matthew faced a senseless act of gun violence and got shot in the chest when trying to save his friend from it. The wound weakened him and he was unable to resume his sports career. The first thing he had to skip painfully was the football season of high school. He was devastated. 

Soon, with the help of his family and friends, Matthew got motivated and decided to do the things he still could do. He decided to get into the field of healthcare and wellness so after getting a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice, he devoted his attention to the field of medical devices. His main purpose was to learn and make such tools that can improve the quality of life. After burning the midnight oil in laboratories, hospitals, and operation rooms, he launched his first supplement in September 2017. This supplement was an extraction from original green tea leaves which is used to improve the health and performance of humans as well as animals by increasing the blood flow. Most of its users are athletes as it helps in lowering the body temperature, provide sufficient amount of nutrition and even give the right amount of oxygen. The name was later given to it of VASO6.

The journey did not end here. He and his team are continuing their work in the lab to develop more healthy products like functional foods, beverages, Nutraceuticals, and other dietary supplements. We hope they develop more interesting products to help the weak in the world.