Life can sometimes be challenging and get the best of us down. It might differ from one person to another but it is important that we keep on getting back on our feet and learn from the challenges we face. 

For Jertaker, Choosing healthy is the key to overcoming challenges in life. And being healthy is not just with the food that you take but also on the decisions that you make. 

Dealing with Stress

Jertaker is not immune to stress, especially being a music artist and an entrepreneur at the same time. He began his career in the entertainment industry by videography and content-creation. At a very young age, He encountered different instances of stress while achieving the things he wanted to have. He stated that dealing with stress leads to many issues and most do not know how to properly handle their stress. This is particularly true as there is no perfect formula for handling stress. Different ways work for different people and it’s important to talk about it.

Stress can be daunting to deal with at first because it just feels so overwhelming at times. That’s why for Jertaker, it is important to look within yourself and discover what works for you personally. He realized that doing activities like walking, biking, listening to music or even pet therapy helps a lot in alleviating stress in life. He considers these activities as healthy because it not only helps deal with stress but also helps your body. When he also feels burnout from all the work he do, he makes sure to take rest, which he said: 

“When you feel burn out you can either take a break for a bit and usually end up coming back stronger”

Dealing with his OCD

Everyday we get to face challenges. We may notice it or not but there are challenges in every decision that we make. Jertaker knows this all too well as he notes his greatest challenge with having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Having OCD is not an easy disorder that anyone can just brush it off. It is something that affects everything that you do in your daily life. Jertaker described his experience with OCD as:

“Always makes me pay close attention to details and work a lot harder than I usually have to, or my feeling of never accomplishing enough no matter how much I accomplish. I tend to never be satisfied and always have to achieve more. 

This can be seen as somehow positive but really, it has a negative impact as well. And Jertaker learned to deal with it by taking breaks after a long day of working in his craft and changing his environment. Choosing a healthy environment can change things in your life positively. This is also the lesson that he learned in his life. No matter how stressful or challenging life can get, you need to give your time the proper break it needs and do not worry about things that are not necessarily deserving of your time and effort. No matter how stressful and challenging things can be, we have to learn to accept our flaws and grow from them.

What’s Next for Jertaker

Currently, Jertaker is preparing for his performance in the artist showcase called “I Want To Be Heard” hosted by KB the Champion and Sony Music. He will be performing live as an artist and take his chance to win the whole thing. The winner of the show will get a single Music record deal from Sony, a feature with renowned rapper Lil Wayne or cash prize. This will all happen on Saturday, July 24th.

Regardless of the outcome, this is a win-win situation for him as more people will know of his talents and what he brings to the table in everything he does. This is another challenge that Jertaker will learn from and will come out as a stronger person. To learn more about Jertaker, check out his website