Spin Class

It’s super engaging, competitive, and fun (great music).

Brings out some of the natural competitive natures we have as entrepreneurs in a very healthy way.

The music is always great, so the time just flies by.

And with things like Peleton, you’re able to do this from the comfort of your own home.

Explore New Music

Listening to the same music can get old very quickly.

I think when you find new music that you come to enjoy, it gives you more opportunities to relieve the stress that music can do for you.

Take Walks Regularly

Taking walks is a great way that I am able to clear my head and just be to myself.

It’s a little bit of exercise, but more importantly–tranquility.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re constantly being contacted on a regular basis (or doing the contacting).

Going for a walk can make it feel like it’s just you and the scenery around you, if even for only 15 minutes.


A lot happens each day and it can be hard to fully process most of what happens.

Writing journal entries each night before bed is a great way for you to process your thoughts and emotions.

It also gives you something to look back to when you’re in a stressful situation to see how you may have handled a similar situation in the past.

Journaling is a great way to look at your days in retrospect.

Turn Your Phone Off

I used to NEVER (EVER) turn my phone off.

This does two things: 1. Destroys your battery’s health, and 2. Keep your stress levels pretty high.

We need to fully unplug each day at least.

So each night I turn my phone off and enjoy an uninterrupted rest.

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