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No one possesses the traits of ambition, persistence, and hard work by birth but has to work on them. These are the traits that can aid you to achieve anything in the world.

Chris Mark Featherstone realised it at a very early age and initiated his diligent work on it. Being persistent and ambitious made him work hard, and he achieved the reward for it. Today Chris Mark Featherstone (CMF) is a famous individual in the business world, a respected name among prominent industrialists, a stand-out personality, and one of the top German and UK Entrepreneurs.

Chris Mark Featherstone is the CEO of the CMF-Investment and CMF Media; CMF-Investment is a private equity firm/company that develops the client’s portfolio through investments, and CMF Media is a brand-building company that utilises social media. Being a successful entrepreneur, Chris’team gives financial advice to clients who want to create a good name and a positive reputation for their brands. Furthermore, he began to find the passion in being a motivational speaker a few years ago when he realised it plays a significant role in creating good relationships in the industry.

“I have decided to choose this path, as I have always wanted to give back and help other people out through my knowledge, expertise, and experience, as well as a little motivational support.”

Chris Mark Featherstone’s Background

At the age of 14, Chris realised the value of wealth when he was handing out newspapers. It grew the passion in him to become one of the top successful and wealthy people. He also knew that he had to become a businessman to achieve these goals.

His tough first-ever job was as a waiter in a restaurant. By doing the waitressing, he understood how to satisfy the customers’ needs. At the age of 16, he launched his dropshipping watch company; ‘Featherandstone.’
Gradually, he learned and gathered knowledge about associate marketing, investments, and social media growth. He was always good at communication, so he contacted many successful personalities and learned from them, amongst them Laurence Graff, Tobi Ajala, Amber Atherton, Fraser Doherty MBE, Simon Lammersen, Karl Ess, Marco Wiebelt, Michael Ambros, and many more.

After finishing high school, he published his Investment Company, whose primary purpose was to aid people in saving and making money. Unfortunately, at the start, he faced a lot of complexities and failures. However, Chris shared that his family and close friends never neglected him and supported and motivated him. It was then that he came up with the idea to add motivational speaking. Today, he is listed as one of the top Entrepreneurs in the business world in Germany and the UK.

5 Bits of Advice Chris Mark shared for his Fellow Beginner Industrialists

CMF knows many other people had suffered like him, so he shared simple terms for such fellows. What could be more authentic than the words of a man who once lost and now won the time?

Ø Focus on your good points and do not just bother about your weaknesses. Instead of worrying about weaknesses, work on the strengths that can assist you in the goal. Believe it or not but whatever strength a person possesses can be an advantage in the goal.

Ø Improve your weaknesses from time to time. Face them and try to manage them.

Ø Be specific about everything. Many development plans fail due to generalisation. For example, if you want to address the weakness of communication, be specific about what is wrong, i.e., grammar.

Ø If you have a doubt or need help, do not hesitate to reach out. The condition is, reach out to someone reliable or experienced.

Ø Correct your attitude. Be humble, positive, enthusiastic, and passionate. Most importantly, I carry a professional personality. No matter what you face, be confident and try to stay calm. It will bring the most beautiful reward.

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