Christian J Smith also known as “Mr. Frost” is a 20-year-old American trader & Entrepreneur who has found success in the currency market. In this article, I ask Christian to give me a few tips on how to avoid burnout and how he’s able to maintain success in the currency market daily

What are your biggest distress tips? 

“Mental clarity plays a big part in me seeing the success that I am looking for. The most important part of the day is my alone time; the chance to be with my own thoughts and focus on my trading.  I start by turning off all my phone and allow myself to be more present in the world around me. I don’t check emails and I don’t go on social media. I go outside to be in nature, and to quiet my mind. I find that this is the best way for me to “de-stress” as it reduces stimulation to the brain, slows downtime, and helps me connect to my highest self. Problems that seemed big aren’t that big anymore, and often more times than not once I give myself the chance to be alone with my thoughts and think, I find solutions to my problems. I eliminate everything but what is necessary for me to perform as a trader and be at my best mentally. I completely isolate myself from the world. I enter what I call “Monk Mode”. Whenever I feel stressed out I go on long-distance runs and practice meditation. They both help me to think more clearly, and to stay focused on the bigger picture.”

How do you avoid burnout and a stressful day? 

“The easiest way for me to avoid burnout is to simply stop the work I am doing, and go for a long-distance run. This helps to reduce my stress mentally. I typically run anywhere from 5 to 10 miles per day. Physical exercise is important as an entrepreneur because it boosts your endorphins, makes you feel better about yourself, and makes you mentally strong. As a trader and entrepreneur, you are constantly dealing with situations and obstacles that can and will test your emotions. Physical exercise gives you the mental toughness, and confidence you need to help tackle these situations on a daily basis. I learned that whenever the work I am doing starts to become overwhelming, or unenjoyable, it’s best for me to step back and take a break. Giving myself a chance to recover helps ensure that when I do return to my work, I am performing at my best.”

What are your main tips for a successful habit? 

“I recommend what Gary Keller calls a “success list”. A person should write a list of no more than four key things that are essential to the bigger picture. These four things are the most important tasks to get handled, and a person should not do anything else until they are completed.  It is having this level of discipline that ups your productivity because you are not only working when you feel “motivated”, but you have a clear process at hand that can sustain and furthermore rinse, wash, and repeat results day in and day out. “


  • Johnny Medina

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