christopher senekki

Conformity – the most prominent thing in our society. It forces people to change their tastes, their outside appearances, and even their attitudes! Although it certainly isn’t exactly the “root of all evil”, it certainly has been one of the reasons as to why many people are unable to be their true selves. Christopher Senekki has acknowledged this fact fully, and addressing it in all his expressions of life is now a significant part of his mission. A mission well worth it.

Men’s Mental Health And Social Media – Rise and Decline

With the rise of social media, came the decline of overall mental health – especially in men. The nature of social media includes pressure to conform to a certain “one size fits none” standard – something unattainable yet seemingly realistic enough to trick people into thinking that, unless they behave and look like certain people, they’ll never fit in and will just stick out like a sore thumb.

Senekki has turned this very concept on its head. Instead of promoting unhealthy standards and sour lies, Christopher uses his large social media following to promote realistic standards, highlighting that virtually anyone can look incredible with just the right clothes – it’s only a matter of finding them, at this point.

Gentlemen’s Fashion – Shattering Conformity

Christopher proudly advocates for his models being of different origins and backgrounds, ensuring that the traditional concept of toxic conformity that social media brings to the table remains shattered, and that self-confidence is the concept that’s put in conformity’s spotlight place. He has managed to take a noticeably unique road when it comes to promoting better self-perception, along with promoting positive views and self-love for the often-overlooked men who struggle with mental health issues.

Christopher always likes to remind his audience that exploring their options is always the best choice, especially when it comes to physical appearance. As a dedicated advocate, he does help young men try and see what fits – and what doesn’t – by sticking with them until they find something that truly resonates with them, and then offering them support when they actually need it.

Men’s Clothes And The Classics – Red, Red Wine

Christopher treats style just like fine wine – he savours it, enjoys it as much as any other fine-flavours lover, and respects its gentle tones and flavours. Senekki’s favourite style revolves around the classics – the sophisticated, if you will. Anyone put in a suit will feel good in it – it just has to be tailored perfectly to them, specifically. He’s been a fashion enthusiast for ‘round about 25 years and counting, and his own struggles in life have helped him realize that support is little to none when it comes to such things, and whatever targeted support there is for men, it’s not all that effective due to stigma.

With over 100k+ followers and growing on social media, he is able to attempt and dissolve the stigma through kind words, good styles, and overall encouragement for any of his followers who do need it.

Stylistic Approach – 21st Century And Counting

Christopher likes sorting his pictures in 3 different categories: ageless, minimalistic, and bold. Whenever he attempts to make a style, he looks at all his options, and he picks and chooses the ones who speak to him on a deeper level when it comes to men’s street fashion specifically.

His picks come from all kinds of sources – from magazines to online influencers – but his initiative shows people that, sometimes, you have to listen to your heart and pick what feels right, regardless of source. Categorize it if you want, but it’s not really necessary. All that matters, really, is that it’s to your liking, and that’s part of Christopher’s mentality.

After all, it should be part of everyone’s mentality, shouldn’t it?

None of us can predict how the next decades will be for overall mental health but it is a fact that Social Media are carrying an heavy burden on majority of people across the globe. If on one side it allowed anybody to access unattainable places and experiences, on the other side it is creating pressure and frustration. Perfect bodies, luxury goods, lavish lifestyles will be hard-to-reach for 99.99% of individuals that daily scroll through them on an Instagram feed. We are pretty sure these tech giants will take the much needed precautions and measures to put a limit on this.

To follow Christopher’s mission, here his instagram: @s__christopher