Cleansing the grime 

Grime- yes that’s what I call it.

All that’s pulled apart during the healing work is something that served its purpose in the past and is no longer needed now for your higher good. 

Grime is that eek, that muck which we carried along from past lives, ancestral lineages, or past/childhood experiences and now impacting the current life- your patterns, behavior, expression, and emotions.

What does this grime do?

  • It has its purpose to show what’s hurting us.
  • It unravels the parts that are dysfunctional and required to be released.
  • It keeps us safe as it imbues fear.
  • It keeps haunting us with a cry for help.
  • It grows over a period of time if left uncleaned.
  • It stores the woundings, scars from lineage or past.
  • It tries to awaken us with that pain. 
  • It causes us to feel that relentless pain, anger, frustration, resentment, suffocation, grief, fear, etc but its our choice what we do with it.
  • It stops us from living our life to the highest potential yet the way to the highest potential goes through this grime.
  • It offers resistance, blockages to everything we desire, making us feel flustered, strangled, or suppressed.

What can we do about it?

  • We can go through it to heal it.
  • We can uncover the limiting beliefs, patterns, woundings, negative emotions that caused the grime.
  • We can heal those wounds, scars that are no longer needed.
  • We can update our outdated belief system with new functional beliefs.
  • We can step into our power to look into the eyes of grime and embrace it.

How do we do this cleansing?

  • To start with, one should be willing to embark on this healing work.
  • Letting yourself heal, stepping into receiving mode to allow the energies to work with you.
  • Patience- healing takes time. There’s no quick-fix solution to it. And yes, there’s no magic wand anywhere that will swish swash to heal us. 
  • Going deeper into each scar and find the cure.
  • Energy healing, dimensional healing, past life regression, Angelic Reiki, Reiki, and many more modalities.

Does this sound like something you would like to do?

Photo by Alexander Ant from Pexels