Undoubtedly, climate change and/or global warming is real. Despite what it is called, it is an indisputable fact that we need to take action to combat further damage to our world.

So what is the overall attitude towards climate change? A recent survey determined Americans’ thoughts and attitudes towards climate change were rather lackadaisical, with an indication of more 50 percent of Americans having no clue about The Paris Agreement.

The Paris Agreement is a global initiative to combat climate change; an initiative President Donald Trump’s administration famously pulled out of last year. So the lack of awareness amongst Americans regarding this crucial progressive to address important environmental changes is not at all surprising. Additionally, the same survey also found that 26 percent of people don’t think climate change is an urgent issue that will impact them in their lifetimes, while another 6.9 percent believe climate change is as real as winning the lottery in their lifetime-meaning not at all.

Now there has definitely been some improvement in overall attitudes presently; however there is yet much more to do to tackle this ever growing issue. Isaac Hankes, Ph.D., an atmospheric scientist encourages improvements at the individual level, advising that even the smallest improvement can have a long lasting positive impact.

“The Paris climate agreement is as political as it is scientific, and even if fully embraced will not offset much more than about 0.1°C of warming,” says Hankes. “This underscores the importance of personal action by anyone concerned about the effects of warming to make a difference by making energy-saving decisions. Such opportunity now exists in nearly all facets of a home, and actions as simple as installing LED light bulbs or smart power strips could easily supersede any slower-moving government action in offsetting emissions-based warming.”

Essentially, consciously making an effort to educate, create awareness and revert environmentally unfriendly behaviors can do more than even a global proposal. Everyday purchases from sustainable and eco-friendly brands introduces yet another way to be actively involved in deceleration of global warming.

One brand particularly standing out is Rockay, an athletic wear enterprise using recycled plastic from global oceans, aiding the reduction of harmful trash in the world’s waters. Stylish, comfortable, and geared for runners, Daniel Chabert, CEO of Rockay, channeled his vision into constructing a line of running gear that not only centers around renewable sources, but challenges the destructive practices of manufacturers worldwide.

Using recycled, traceable plastic from the ocean, Rockay manufactures sustainable, high quality socks and other running items while decreasing the pollution in bodies of water. It doesn’t just stop there, though. Using Polygiene, a unique technology which eliminates of bacterial buildup, the gear can be washed far less than typical workout clothes. This unique methodology allows wearers to use less detergent and water, and is already in use by Adidas and Patagonia.

In short, we need to change our behaviors or climate change will force our hand. Education, awareness and direct action by each of Earth’s citizens can and will have a massively positive effect, which in turn aids the environment around us.