Clinton Misquitta is a name that many people in India and Kuwait will recognize. He makes motivational as well as lifestyle videos on Instagram that reaches thousands of people on a daily basis. Even though he started as a digital marketer, he has gone on to do multiple things in different niches. Blogger, entrepreneur, influencer, you name it; chances are that Clinton is one of them. He has worked tirelessly over the last couple of years to build a big audience on his blog Kwt Today and his Instagram page. His lifestyle blogs focuses on interests and activities and he always finds a fun way to pull you in to his world through his words.

As a young entrepreneur, Clinton Misquitta always strives for perfection in his work and leave a positive impact in the digital world. Born and brought in up Kuwait, he appeals to both the Kuwaiti as well as the Indian audience with his work. He is a dedicated individual who strives to spread knowledge with whatever he does, be it social media videos or his blogs. He found his passion at a young age which helped him to become successful in his field. He doesn’t look for shortcuts to success, unlike others who think that there is a formula to get rich quick. He is always developing his skills and gaining experience to gain a competitive edge over others in his field. This is why Clinton has a potential to become even more successful because of his amazing work ethic and his constant hunger for knowledge. It takes an immense amount of hard work to become a successful influencer, let alone an entrepreneur, and he is doing both at the same time. In order to be successful in life, you have to be able to dream big and be prepared to make the tough sacrifices in order to live his dreams. Clinton is a textbook story of this, as he toiled hard for many years before making it as an accomplished influencer.

He is a creative individual who can constantly think of fresh new ways to present new ideas to his audience, and the positive impact he is leaving on the youths of Kuwait and India will one day make him a celebrity. There are millions of influencers in this world today, but only a handful of them are ever successful. It takes patience and determination in order to make it in this highly competitive industry, something that Clinton Misquitta has displayed time and again with his work. He has an impeccable taste and an eye for everything that is beautiful and stunning in this world. He seeks to inspire his diverse audiences by blogging about his everyday lives and interests. This is a central element to making a successful influencer marketing campaign, and he manages to always come across as a genuine and relatable individual.