The 21st century is all about pacing faster than the other. The competition is always high and people are on the receiving end dealing with the heat. Being the obvious nature of a human being most of the crowd keeps hovering over the problems in their life. Due to such a level of competition, it is easier to develop negative thoughts rising to permanent problems in life. People intend to focus more on problems since their brain stops critically thinking about a situation instead focuses on dissatisfaction. It is like not knowing the cause of the dissatisfaction rather be unhappy thinking that there is dissatisfaction causing problems in life.

Here are few solutions helping people to stop clouding their minds with various problems.

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1. Switch on that critical thinking button

Whenever people sense a problem approaching or they land into some sort of situation affecting their regular course of life, they lose their calm. They instantly shift from doing the right thing to focusing on unhappiness. Critical thinking lets a person think taking their own time and not reacting instantly through a situation. As human beings, the intent is to rush through a situation mainly because they either want to pass the dissatisfaction on priority or they just do not want to find a cause to it. Switching on the critical thinking button helps clear the cloud when things are in a controlled environment so people eventually focus more on the positive aspect rather than just the negative ones.

2. Shuffling the schedule

Often human being thinks that everything needs a plan and they have full control over the plans that they make. Surprise! Nothing acts according to the plan. The concept of schedule was identified to help people sort the workflow and not to plan things to make it work. People might schedule their plans but making it work depends on the real-time situation. It is important to let loose and shuffle the schedule whenever it is needed. Sticking to one plan might not help in all circumstances. This indeed builds the cloud of the problem, even more, when people forget to shuffle their schedule to fit new things or move things a bit. Consistent solutions are more about real-time adjustments.

3. Self-realization time please

Most of the people keep avoiding the fact that a problem in the first place might have been raised from the activity performed by them. They keep blaming others for the situation and this results in not digging through self-realization in a human being. It is important to take a step back and think beyond blaming others. Focusing on the self-activity performed and the actual cause of the situation might clear the cloud of negativity. Most of the time both parties are equally involved in creating an indifferent situation and this can only be understood through self-realization.

It is time that people understand the value of focusing on the solution rather than being clouded with the problem.