If you spend time on Instagram or Clubhouse, you’ve probably heard of Natasha Grano and Michael Graziano. Natasha is a global influencer known for her 3 million Instagram followers, motivational speaking, and best-selling book “The Action Plan.” Michael is the founder of Vancouver-based PR agency Mindful Media and a famed world traveler — he’s the youngest Canadian male to visit all of the world’s 193 countries.

But you may not have heard of their love story — until now. It’s decidedly 21st-century: The two  superstars met on social media and, in just a few short weeks from now, will be getting married on social media in the first-ever Clubhouse wedding. This is their story.

Love at first sight

Well, maybe love at first sound is more accurate. Natasha and Michael first met on Clubhouse, the emerging audio-only social media network, around Valentine’s Day 2020. After only hearing Michael’s voice on the app, Natasha knew she’d found her soul mate.“After that, we never really got off the phone with each other,” Michael explains. “We would FaceTime for hours. We pulled all-nighters talking. We called it getting ‘love drunk.’”

After the fateful Clubhouse event, the two then connected on Instagram, and what began as a working relationship with Michael’s PR company and Natasha’s personal brand ended up as a deep, intimate connection.

Falling in love during a pandemic is hard, especially when you’re separated by an ocean. (Michael lives in Canada, Natasha in the UK.) And so Natasha mailed Michael a journal with the title “Once Upon A Time…” where they could write about their journey together.

The two spent countless hours journaling. Michael also wrote poetry for Natasha. Here’s a peek at some of his verse: “To my angel my Queen my soul mate my being / We will never run out of things to discuss on this day / Because we are not strangers to each other / But reuniting in a different age.

Along the way, Michael and Natasha learned they speak the same “love language”: They both treasure touch, words of affirmation, and quality time.

But journaling from afar was not enough. Eager to meet in person, Michael traveled to London despite lockdowns and passport issues. (Michael’s grandmother, who he’s especially close with, wasn’t happy — but has since blessed Michael and Natasha’s relationship.)

“The moment I saw him, I jumped onto him and we started kissing right in the middle of the airport,” Natasha says. “I held on as tight as I could and wouldn’t let go. After the first day I felt his energy and his vibration. I was sure he was the love of my life.”

The two had a lot of catching up to do, and began to celebrate their love in spectacular fashion. Natasha would surprise Michael with five-course meals from a private chef at her home in the prestigious London Mayfair. At one point, the two were spotted by paparazzi while driving in a white Lamborghini convertible to the local Starbucks. The couple also held photoshoots with Global Women Magazine, Globe Men Magazine, and London Business Magazine. Their nickname? “The Couple of Clubhouse.”

Staying busy

Meanwhile, Michael and Natasha remained active on Clubhouse. The two began co-hosting some of the app’s largest events, including interviews with bestselling authors Jim Kwik and John Assaraf, Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph, thought leader Lisa Nichols, and many others.

“Every night we’d throw in our headphones and just rock the stage,” Michael says. “I would film Natasha jumping around the room with pure energy and enthusiasm to show people the behind the scenes.”

Natasha adds: “As people were forced to stay home and work on themselves, I realized I could stand up virtually and help people get through the pandemic.”

Also popular with their online followers? Natasha started sharing Michael’s interactions with her five-year-old son, Rio. “Alright Rio, time to workout,” Michael says in one video, as Rio latches onto Michael’s arm during bicep curls. “1, 2, 3, keep going!” Rio then crawls onto Michael’s back rodeo-style while Michael frolicked around the room on all fours.

“The most heart-warming thing was when he was reading a book to my son while laying in bed,
 Natasha says. “I knew he was already an incredible father.” Michael confirms that when he reads to Rio, he does in fact feel like a father.

Tying the knot

After just one week in London, Michael had to return to Vancouver. But one week was all it took: Both in tears on the last day, they decided to take the next step. Natasha put in notice for her flat, and decided to move her life to Canada to be together.

Natasha will be flying across the Atlantic next week. And while the details of the proposal and engagement are still somewhat secret, it’s sure to be spectacular — and something the entire internet will drool over as #couplegoals.

What do we know? Natasha and Michael are already hosting hundreds in a private group called “Manifest Your Lover” which include guests Ja Rule and other VIP speakers like Jesse Itzler and Sara Blakely, Grant and Elena Cardone, and many others.

And the staff at Clubhouse has gotten word of this electric romance, and executives are looking to help facilitate a “Clubhouse Wedding,” which would include a legal pastor, bridesmaids and groomsmen, digital decorations and décor, and celebrity performances.

Michael and Natasha have a wonderful — and modern — love story. Here’s to their wedding, and to the next couple to meet on Clubhouse.


  • Stacey Ross Cohen

    CEO, Co-Communications and Personal Branding Expert

    An award-winning brand professional and TEDx speaker who earned her stripes on Madison Avenue and at major television networks before launching her own agency, Stacey specializes in finding, cultivating and perfecting both business and personal brands. She is CEO of Co-Communications , a full-service marketing communications agency headquartered in New York which has garnered numerous awards including Forbes Enterprise and PRSA Practitioner of the year. Stacey is a sought after speaker and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Crain’s, Sales & Marketing and a suite of other national media outlets. She is also co-founder of College Prime (www.college-prime.com), a company that provides social media and personal branding training to high school students to succeed with college admissions, internships, and beyond. Stacey holds a B.S. from Syracuse University, MBA from Fordham University and recently completed a certificate program in Media, Technology and Entertainment at NYU Leonard Stern School of Business.