There are a number of artists who put out music from different genres everyday, but if you are looking for something unique, you are probably in the right place because CMILL444 is offering you exactly that. His album ‘High Off Life’ was a hit last year, with 17 songs in total. You no longer have to worry whether this artist makes music in your favorite genre or not because all the 17 songs are completely different. You will find at least three songs in the album that you will absolutely fall in love with.

This is your true calling, if you were looking for a new rising artist who gives you variety along with one who brings a lot of positive aura. CMILL444 mostly focuses on the younger generations, it is we who will uphold the pillars of society. Moreover, the older generations have always been pretty hard to please, yet CMILL has cracked the code, finding a balance between the younger and the older generations.

Most artists focus on making one hit song, but CMILL444 generally focuses on pure good music. To be honest, there has not been one single song where he has disappointed. He allows the music to come naturally to him, this is all the more reason why we feel a connection to him and his music. He is simply an artist who loves mixing some original sounds along with new innovative hip hop. Fans are eager to see what he has in store for the future.

“Music has changed my life and I want to inspire other people too in a similar manner, I want to make them believe in all the good things that exist in this world. I only want to spread positivity and happiness. The joy that I bring to people is the most rewarding thing. Everyone deserves to listen to good music and I’m willing to provide them that. No more negativity bringing you down, get started today, and begin your journey to shine brighter than you ever have, like there’s no one watching. If you believe in yourself, you need nothing else in this world.  Being yourself is the best thing that you can ever be,” pitches in CMILL444.

This young man from Michigan has a lot of potential and he is not going to stop unless he is seen on the billboards, charting number one. That day too is not very far away because he has set goals for his music as well as for himself, planning to be better mentally by manifesting the best version of himself.