Leaders and entrepreneurs are constantly under a heavy load of pressure that can work against them in their mission to operate effectively and work towards their goals. They depend on their communication skills, ability to make key decisions and act decisively, but their effectiveness in these key areas can be undermined by the common human flaw of being a victim to their emotional responses. Even if you’re unaware of it, you could be living in a reactionary state of mind, and letting your emotions control your responses in important situations.

This is a known symptom of low or compromised Emotional Intelligence and can affect you negatively on your journey to success; stunting your personal development, impairing your decision-making ability, promoting ineffective team management, and causing you to miss key opportunities.

Life Coach Ayana Brody Parham has personally witnessed, been victim to and overcome these problems in her corporate day job, establishing Parham & Associates in order to share the skills she has honed over the years and boost the emotional intelligence levels of leaders trying to maximize their success. With  years experience and hundreds of empowered leaders under her wing, Coach Ham has been helping ambitious leaders to understand and control their emotional reactions and act with intention about how they want to impact and influence the world.

Noticing the high turnover of leadership roles in her corporate day job, Brody became aware of the low quality of the leaders coming through her workplace and the effect it was having on other employees. She herself also experienced the frustration and envy of being looked over for leadership positions she was qualified for, but resolved herself to not be led by negative emotions that didn’t serve her. Brody wondered if other people suffered from the same problems of emotional hijacking and self-sabotaging behaviours, making it her life’s work to understand everything she could about the concept of emotional intelligence, and using that knowledge to take control over every aspect of her life.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your emotions. People who possess this trait also have the ability to understand and influence the emotions and behaviours of others. Having a high level of emotional intelligence is a core component to being an effective leader and successful business executive. With this trait comes the mindfulness and awareness that allows one to remain calm and easily adapt to challenging situations, gain unique perspectives, break negative cycles that don’t serve you, and activate the human potential within and around you.

Affectionally named Coach Ham by her clients, her passion is to support and empower aspiring leaders of color and diverse ethnic backgrounds to incorporate mindful leadership practises that cultivate personal growth and fosters more opportunities for success. Parham & Associates teach a framework for life that reaches beyond the workplace and works in any aspect of life that involves people elevating those around you.

If you find yourself running away with your feelings, or want to take the next step in self-mastery and forge more opportunities for growth, connect with Coach Ham of Parham & Associates through their website, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter today and strengthen the emotional intelligence that will lead you to a future of wealth and abundance!