I believe that coaching is a superpower. Coaching turns confusion to clarity; the complex to the simple; resignation to inspiration – honestly, it’s a superpower.

I think that coaches should wear their underwear on the outside, just so everyone knows that a) they’re a superhero and b) where to find a coach.

If coaching was a drug that was available from your doctor, everyone would want it. Imagine a drug so powerful that it can help you see exactly what you want from life, and how to get it. That would be one best-selling drug, right? We who have discovered coaching know that what I just described is the effect of good coaching. And we want in!

What All Coaches Have In Common

What those who become coaches have in common, is that they are ‘people people’. This kind of person has a natural inclination towards helping others and when they discover coaching, what they see is that there’s a whole profession available to them, one that’s all about helping people be the best they can be.

It’s not surprising that many teachers, medical professionals and those from other ‘helping’ professions become coaches. Coaching supports individuals to become the very best version of themselves, so what people-person wouldn’t be attracted to it?

Coaching is a forward-looking, positive and uplifting experience for both coach and client. I believe it’s why those who have spent years working in the medical profession (particularly therapy) often love coaching. The forward-focus that coaching has can feel more uplifting than the backward-looking, often painful reflection might be for both therapist and patient.

I believe that coaching is perfect work.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Have A Coach?

The reason that not everyone realises that coaching is a superpower, is because most people don’t actually know what coaching is.

Actually, it’s worse than that because most people think they know exactly what a coach is – and they’re wrong!

Let me explain.

I’m a coach, but;

  • I don’t play sport – I’m not that kind of coach
  • I don’t drive a vehicle that can carry lots of passengers – wrong kind of coach again (I promise, that’s what someone thought I did!)
  • I don’t teach people to do what I’ve done (well I do these days, but that’s mentoring?)
  • I don’t teach people to sing either. Just sayin’

It’s Time For Coaches To Step Up

Coaches need to learn how to explain what coaching is, to those who will benefit from it. We coaches are poor at describing what coaching is and what it can do, in a way that is easily assimilated by those who need to know.

Coaches have a tendency to talk about how coaching can help with goal setting, with removing limiting beliefs and in overcoming mental barriers, all of which are perfectly true. However, the truth of the matter is that nobody other than coaches themselves cares about that stuff!

Potential coachees (a term for coaching clients) care about themselves mostly. They have myriad problems that they want solutions to, and coaching can often help with these.

Until coaches get better at articulating the benefits of coaching to those who would get the most out of it, coaching is destined to remain a superpower that nobody knows about. Sad, isn’t it?