In the competitive world of coaching and consulting, it can be difficult to stand out and cut through the noise. With an infinite number of coaching styles and techniques, there are a few coaches who have been able to break the mould of a traditional coach, and  truly  make a difference in their clients lives, including Lauren Birkmire 

Lauren is the woman who single handedly spearheaded LB Coaching and Consulting, an online course creator for individuals and business owners. LB Coaching and Consulting is known for liaising with online commerce proprietors and course makers to supply operations administration, group leadership, and high-level technique to help business owners move from the respectability of their trade to remaining within the visionary stage. They set up frameworks, prepare, and onboard modern group individuals that will be profitable parts of the integration of modern ventures. This consulting firm breaks down all the enormous beliefs and objectives into a key mapping show to guarantee ventures are being carried out.

Lauren Birkmire, founder of LB Coaching and Consulting often states that the mark of a successful business owner is their associations’ capacity to meet people’s high expectations, in the midst of questionable, perplexing and uncertain conditions. LB Coaching and Consulting ingrains in her clients the certainty to lead and the conviction to construct stronger, responsive groups to flourish in these unpredictable and unstable occasions.

As a leader mentor, advisor, consultant, and facilitator with several years of experience, Lauren Birkmire integrates her coaching and consulting techniques with unwinding complex relational and hierarchical elements. Regardless of whether the need of a client is inclined towards a more grounded leadership presence, expanded peace-making abilities, higher enthusiastic knowledge, more powerful impact or higher performing groups, LB Coaching and Consulting laser-centered methodology burns through no time in working with learning and providing more viable authority attitudes, viewpoints and practices.

At LB Coaching and Consulting, the interplay of experience, knowledge, and expertise in dealing with organization dynamics and individual dynamics have repeatedly resulted in the production of effectual change concepts. Also, available at LB Coaching and Consulting, is group coaching and individual coaching. This is carried out according to the preference of each indivual client. Lauren’s leaders coaching classes is known for consistently planting skillful advances by developing leaders in their current position and helping them advance to another higher level.

The approach of LB Coaching and Consulting to client’s need has facilitated and quickened the strategies vital for progress. They also participate in conflict resolution by resolving conflicts that exists among group members, individuals, and in a corporation as a whole. Conflicts often impede on the sporadic growth of an individual, a group of persons, or a firm.

Her experience with professionals in diverse industrial niches which also includes the tech, financial, health, political, commerce, and non-profit industries has birthed the growth and success of LB Coaching and Consulting firm. This firm is known to have worked with directors, vice presidents, general managers, supervisors, and other top ranking profiles. Lauren Birkmire is a thoughtful coach and consultant with expertise in her field and known for speaking on coaching and consultancy related topics at seminars and conferences.

In addition to formulating strategic plans to achieve a client’s objective, LB Coaching and Consulting also trains both old and new team members on how to implement projects and assist in the hiring process of new members to join the board, get assigned to projects and duly complete such projects. Their team of experts is invested in seeing you and your business succeed. Whether that is in the form of creating the strategic map for your business, creating systems, or actually implementing the projects- we are here to see that overwhelm becomes clarity of where your business can grow to.

To learn more about Lauren & LB Coaching & Consulting, visit Laurens Instagram page and website.