Cody Kerns, Founder, and CEO of ‘iComeup‘ Marketing Agency, perfectly embodies the description of a high-efficiency individual. Over the past five years, Cody has built up his agency to over a whopping seven million in sales, a feat that impressive requires a consistent five years of efficiency and productivity. How does this powerhouse entrepreneur manage to stay utterly productive while staying on top of every aspect of his business? In this article, I will give the key takeaways I learned from Cody to increase productivity this year. 

Focus on One Task at a Time

It’s a common myth in almost every industry that productivity is somehow linked to multi-tasking, but in fact, multi-tasking produces the exact opposite result. Cody believes to truly maximize the result you’re focused on creating, you have to be able to give the task at hand your complete attention. 

Take Breaks to Avoid Burnout

One idea embodied by the highly pragmatic “Hustle” culture is to work relentlessly for absurd amounts of hours, a quick way to produce burnout. Cody’s take on breaks while working is supported in theory by giving your brain a few minutes to freshen up and avoid any build-up of a block. Cody has experienced tremendous productivity when he incorporates a 5-minute break at the end of every hour he works. 

Don’t Give in To Distractions 

In today’s world, it seems as everyone has a hard time putting their phone down, and with good reason, it’s addicting! Considering Cody’s business is based around one of the biggest mobile apps’ Instagram’ it can become quite hard to avoid his phone altogether. So, to work around that, Cody encourages you to place your phone on airplane mode anytime you’re working. Not only is this going to increase your productivity, but it will take away notifications and not let anybody break your focus with a call or text. 

Key Takeaways: 

In a society that is decreasing its ability to focus down to match the focus of a goldfish, having high-efficiency programming is starting to become a rare factor to find. To find more ideas on how to increase your daily focus, there are plenty of apps, websites, idea’s continuously pushing to aid those who are looking for it.