Time management the key to a balanced mental health 

So many youngsters out there start with something of their own with the aim to make it their career’s turning point and create something so huge that they can feel proud of. Along the process of getting into entrepreneurship which can sometimes be a daunting task be it in any business industry, some of the aspiring entrepreneurs reach the destination which they have worked for while some lose hope and give up halfway. In cases like these, expert professionals and coaches are required who can help individuals, brands and businesses to get nearer their business goals and reach the position they desire in the market. This is when young and astute entrepreneurs and business consultants and coaches like Colin J. Heaney enters the picture.

This was a common theme for a very long time. Time management, people management and work management are many reasons why people get depressed and feel overwhelmed and overworked. 

 The 5 % rule for stress

Methods to control stress. Colin likes to take a step back and writes out his 5% which are the most valuable things you can do.  If anything else is stressing you out, you need to outsource it or find a way to automate it so it’s no longer an issue for you. 

The online world is where Colin Heaney always believed could help him make his career and reach him to heights he always dreamt about. The world of social media is seeing a surge in its growth each passing day and Colin Heaney thought what better medium to magnify the visions of people and businesses than through social media and using the platforms to its full potential as a social media marketing expert to help people reach their goals and build their businesses. This led Colin Heaney more towards becoming an expert and business consultant and coach par excellence, who today has to his credit, the creation of more than five online businesses.

The young business personality has built 9 social media agencies and has even trained hundreds of people already in online sales helping them create a full-time income from Instagram by making them learn how to automate IG to draw their growth and success path. Hailing from Syracuse, New York Area, Colin Heaney is the proud founder of his firm Heaney Enterprises which he initiated this year in June. 

The high-spirited young entrepreneur also has been the Vice President of MineSet LLC and lead sales trainer at Trillionaire Mindset & QuickJump Sales. He serves as a business consultant for multiple online businesses and has been showing his prowess as an Instagram growth expert and account manager for high profile brands.

Use resources to fight stress

There was a time when Colin Heaney as a social media sales trainer used to manage six separate sales teams coaching all of them, managing over 150+ affiliates and worked 12-16 hours a day. Recollecting these times as the most stressful times of his life, Colin Heaney confesses that he tried to manage more than he could handle and this resulted in no ‘me time’ for him or time with his family. Entrepreneurship was not a walk in the park for him, but the dark times where he wanted to give up were the times that taught him the most valuable lessons of his life.

This is when he learnt about hiring assistants, virtually and in person. He even understood the significance of outsourcing and investing in people whom he can trust more with his work. Colin Heaney believes that people must spend at least 1-2 hours a day on personal development, fitness and something they absolutely love doing.

When he gets some free time, Colin Heaney loves to go on long drives, spend time with family and plan his next vacation/adventure. Travelling, according to Colin Heaney, is a great way to explore new things and relax.\