Ray Pang Si Heng is a 25-year-old serial entrepreneur, born and brought up in Singapore. Ray has always been good at academics but he knew deep down that the traditional meritocratic system just isn’t the right for him.

After finishing college, he was enlisted into the Singapore Armed Forces for two years. He tried applying for local universities in Singapore but was unable to get into any due to his poor college graduation exam results. Ray then decided to move to Australia and began his further studies in Monash University. After graduation, he got an internship in a FinTech Start-Up company wherehe took on the role of so many things – operations, finance, partnerships, executive meetings, strategy sessions and many more.

However, Ray got laid off due to financial issues within the company he was working for. That was when he decided to build multiple sources of income. He started digging deep into making money online and building a network of high-profile individuals within his industry. He then came across an Australian business coach, Sean, who helps people escape their 9-5 and live life on their terms.

Knowing that he has got the business skill acquired whilst working in the start-up, if he could go through the same process as that 19 year old student, he can most definitely do even better.” That was when he finally decided that hey, “What’s there to lose, if this 19-year-old kid can do this, I can do this as well.” Ray then decided to invest everything that he had left into this Australian business coach with one thought in his mind: “If this 19 year old student did it, so can I” Ray said.

Ray invested his lastUSD$3000.00 to learn to make money online. He began learning the process and started applying his skills. “After knowing what I did in my previous company, I was able to figure out that the faster I reached out to people, the faster I knew what worked and what don’t, and the faster I’d be able to sign my first client, which meant the faster I could make money. Because of that, one thing was clear, I understood that success loves speed. I failed more times than all the other people in my mentorship group, but it was all because I tried so many more times than all the other people.” Ray stated.

At present, the 25-year-old is a serial entrepreneur and owns/co-owns multiple businesses. 

His businesses include:

The Addicted2Success Academy stands as a world-class self-development business that offers the ability for ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and aspiring online influencers to jump inside a mastermind to learn directly from all the world-class elites.

Speaker Agency helps coaches, speakers, thought-leaders, build, grow, and dominate in their industry online using relationship-driven business developments, marketing, sales strategies and teams.

Addicted2Fitness is an online fitness & lifestyle platform + App where people can learn the essential 6-pillars of health where education, training, and community is all in one place.      

Ray looks forward to impact, influence and inspire people globally by creating and supporting a powerful online network of authentic leaders by growing their audience and turning them into loyal, paying customers. The 25-year-old young entrepreneur will continue to also help as many people globally as possible to acquire such strong skills so they do not have to be dependent on someone else for their living.