color therapy
What’s your current color crush?

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Your current color crush magically reveals a great deal about your next crossroad. Yip, spectacular but true.

The Universe, which is delightfully inventive and wise, uses color, among other things, to show you glimpses of what you are soon to learn about yourself, others or life. And believe you me, It will leave no stone (or color in this instance) unturned until you have found the courage to face and conquer the lesson. Self-growth and personal evolution is part of parcel of life. Whether you have realised it or not, you can never escape from yourself.

But back to color and crunch time. So, we all have a favourite color.  This is that one color that when someone wakes you up in the middle of the night and asks what your favourite color is, you say <insert your favourite color>. That color – the one that has been a constant companion since childhood – is your color personality or color identity. This is who you are at your core, the color that will always have a special place in your home or your wardrobe or your heart.

And then there are color crushes. Those are the colors to which you are suddenly and inexplicably attracted.

This is the color that stands out from the color crowd. It is like you have never seen this color before but now all you can think of, dream about, imagine and notice is <insert your current color crush>.

Okay, let me give you an example. Out of the blue you like blue. You have never noticed blue before or dismissed it with a “I don’t do blue”. And now blue is all you see. You notice the beautiful blue summer sky, you buy a blue dress or shirt, you paint your whole house blue, and even your garden features are blue. Yes, blue is your color crush.

In color language, it means that you will be receiving communication challenges. Dear oh dear. You will be forced to listen to yourself, others, the Universe. And you will be forced to speak, stand up for yourself, and communicate your heart’s desire. And if you cannot do that, you have to write, do art, keep a journal, meditate, or at least go and see a ballet or opera.

So, sit still for a moment and unearth your current color crush. Got it?

Now, here is what it means:


You want to accomplish something. You have the motivation and passion to reach your goal. You won’t allow anyone or anything to get in your way. Use your physical energy to succeed. 


It is time to be open to change. Be excited about it! You know how they say ‘change is as good as a holiday’. Be the social butterfly and mix with as many people as possible. You are craving life changes and you could meet people that could facilitate that.


Clear thinking and decision making are core at this moment. Use your intelligence and trust your gut when making a decision. Stop overthinking and just do it. Give your confidence a boost by learning something new!


It is time to forgive and forget. It is time to be open to giving and receiving. It is essential that you let go of the past in order to make space for something new. Stop comparing yourself to others too. We all have to follow on own path.


Listen to yourself and others. Be honest and ask others to be honest too. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open to new opportunities.


Start listening to and trusting your intuition. It is a gift from the Creator/Universe.  It is a great time to receive messages from spirit. Take time to meditate.


Stretch your imagination! Be open to receive knowledge from unusual sources. Take up art or poetry.