SOMEST Korean Skincare

Our skin faces a tough time in winter. Bitter winds, lashing rain and dry central heating can all take their toll, leaving skin feeling dry and looking dull. With Christmas party season just around the corner, consumers across the northern hemisphere are on the lookout for products that can help keep skin glowing and healthy.

Open The Beauty is on a mission to help everyone realise a glowing complexion at any time of year, launching a new range of eco-friendly Korean skin care products. The SOMEST range harnesses the benefits of nature to equip skin with the vital protection and nourishment needed to meet the demands of winter head on.

The Power of Nature

The range has been developed using natural ingredients and has been inspired by the power of nature in its fight against winter. From the water storage capacity of the cactus to the nourishing capabilities of a milk protein, Openthebeauty has spent many years researching how such feats of nature can be incorporated into accessible and affordable beauty products.

Let’s take a look at the range:

The PHA Daily Peel Calming Toner uses Centella Asiatica leaf extract to remove dead skin cells and impurities from the skin and provide rich moisture. With a weak acidic formula of pH 5.5, the toner can be used comfortably on many skin types.

For those with dry and tired skin, the Hibiscus Flower Essential Vital Toner harnesses pyruvic acid found within the hibiscus, as well as the essence of pure nature in 14 herb substances to rid the skin of dead cells and leave behind a clear and bright complexion. Softly absorbed into the skin, this vital toner is a great way to give skin a boost and create a lively, radiant complexion.

The Protein Care Enriched Cream uses newly patented lactobacillus (milk protein extract) to permeate the skin and deeply moisturise. The cream also adds elasticity to the skin – essential to combat the signs of premature ageing. With a consistency similar to that of Greek yogurt, this high concentration cream feels luxurious to apply and is quickly absorbed without any greasy residue.

Those with sensitive skin can benefit from the range too thanks to the Mild Care Mineral Salt Cream which contains an 8% mineral-filled salt content from the Dead Sea. This cream is particularly useful for those who suffer from itching as a result of dry skin as it does not contain the many harmful chemical substances often used in skin products. An essential all in one cream for those seeking healthy skin.

The Mexico Nopal Cactus Moisture Foam is another example of how nature’s ingredients can help to protect against the harmful effects of winter. Inspired by the water storage capabilities of the Mexico Nopal Cactus, this foam ensures skin is moisturised for hours and free from dryness. Containing nature-derived substances including chia seeds, basil and oats, skin feels refreshed and invigorated after application.


Part of the DIO Corporation, Openthebeauty is committed to caring for the environment and only using ethical policies. With experience of exporting skin care products to over 50 countries, Openthebeauty takes its responsibility to the planet and the consumer very seriously, and understands the requirements of the modern consumer.

The company also regularly donates to NGO “On Happy”, a special consultative status of the UN Economic and Social Council. These proceeds have already been widely used to support developing countries in the evolution of education institutions, health care support, and emergency or disaster relief.

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