Some people are destined to be comfortable at the level they are at – not too senior and not too junior. Thats ok for them, if that is what they are happy with.

But what if you want to be different? What if you want to create your own online service business, when everyone else is putting down roots at middle management level, content to coast along until they reach the magical retirement number? 

But perhaps you feel stuck in a rut, not sure of how to do it. Tired. Doubting whether you can make a change at this stage. Experiencing mindset blockers. Maybe you have become too ‘comfortable’ with where you are in your career. Nothing is hard anymore, nothing is a stretch. Which means you aren’t growing anymore. 

But, tell me this, do you remember when you were so hungry to succeed that you bounced out of bed in the morning, ready to take on the day? You thrived on challenges, you thrived on things being hard and challenges made you even more determined. What would that person say now, watching you coast along?

Many people have said to me that they feel like they have lost their spark, lost their ‘mojo’ for want of a better word. So how do you reignite your spark and start reaching again? How do you thrive on challenge again rather than shirk away from it? How do you become passionate about your new business after years of work and maybe even career boredom? How do you become reinvigorated?

The first thing we can do is define exactly what we want. So go all blue sky thinking for me and figure out what you really, really want. Not what others around you want or what you think you should want. What you actually want. 

Define what it is about it, that will make you feel passionate again. What is it that will have you bouncing out of bed in the morning rather than groaning? What will make you excited to live each day again? 

Then build a plan to make it happen. Then execute on that plan. Get the right mindset in place. 

Get support to help you work through it. Help you overcome the obstacles as they appear. 

And as if by magic you are buzzing again.Try it and see.

To your success!