The 2019 International Women’s Day theme is#BalanceForBetter, a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the globe. #BalanceForBetter encourages everyone to acknowledge the part they play in enhancing intersectional feminism and celebrating the presence of stability, while also recognizing the needed critical improvements.

Founded in 2012, Alicia Jenelle Events creates memorable and modernized events for all audiences, year-round. The local event production company has collaborated with an all-women team of vendors and five inspirational women leaders to amplify diverse personal and professional experiences, through photography and image arts.

“I remain humbled by the opportunity to provide a platform for local women to share their stories with folks here at home in Toronto, as well as international audiences,” Alicia Jenelle, Founder and Creative Director of Alicia Jenelle Events, says.

And as humble as she is, there is no denying her amazing ability to bring out the best in women everywhere. Here is a snapshot of her Creative directing genius with 5 beautiful women, Sasha Exeter, Meghan Yuri Young, Jaclyn Genovese, Danielle Andrews and Toronto Shay. 

Sasha Exeter, lifestyle influencer and founder of blog So Sasha, Meghan Yuri Young, Writer and Founder of The Sad Collective, Jacyln Genovese, Founder and CEO at Jacflash, luxury architectural and interior design firm, Danielle Andrews, President and Co-Founder of The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada and Toronto Shay, lifestyle influencer providing inspiration for city moms and their children,met style shoot organizers and vendors at the Globe and Mail Centre.

“Think beyond fear. Never let fear get in the way of doing something that you want to do. All the best things and all the greatest success comes on the other side of it.”
– Sasha Exeter
“Now we’re showing how well rounded we are, that we’re capable, strong, innovative and inspiring, it’s been really incredible to see the strides that we’ve been able to take. I’m excited to see where else it takes us.”
– Meghan Young
“We need each other to be strong and more and more powerful together. We can teach other a lot; it’s really important that we stick together and encourage each other every day.”
– Jaclyn Genovese
“Be as well rounded as you can possibly be. Travel, see the world, go out have fun with your friends, go out and spend time with your family, because that’s just going to make you a better person, and that’s going to make you more successful in your career”
– Danielle Andrews
“Listen to that voice in your head, it’s there for a reason, and if you continue to listen to that voice, it’s just going to take you in the right direction.”
– Toronto Shay

ALL STYLE SHOOT VENDORS:Balloon Designer: We Balloonz; Creative Director: Alicia Jenelle Events; Catering: M.PIRE Designs; Designers: Hilary MacMillanLoveslandShelli OhStylish Apparel Co.Narcesand Valencienne; Fashion Stylist: Renna Reddie; Fashion Stylist for Danielle Andrews: Annika ReidRenna Reddie;Floral Designer: BLUUMBLVD; Graphics and Stationery Designer: Castlefield Design; Hair Stylist: Covet Co.; Jewellery Designers: The Loved Oneand Marie Copps; Makeup Artists: Cassandra Campbell Beauty;Makeup Artist for Alicia Jenelle & Toronto Shay: Sher Beauty; Photographer: Alicia CampbellPhotography; Venue: The Globe and Mail Centre; and Videographer: SDE Weddings


  • Lydia Elle

    "Sharing the lessons of my journey to help you with your own."

    Lydia Elle is the founder and CEO of Supplies For Allies™️ and a strategist and speaker on allyship, womanhood and business. Lydia is also a best-selling author who speaks on the importance of embracing all aspects of life and approaching each moment with authenticity and hope. Sparked by her daughter catching a few glimpses of the George Floyd murder and the recent events at our nation's capital, Lydia founded Supplies For Allies, the antiracism platform that provides training, resources and products on allyship. Her goal is for "Antiracism to become so common in everyday life that Supplies For Allies goes out of business! Supplies consults with organizations to be intentional about creating an antiracism and allyship culture and also is the home of The Allyship Calendar™️, that individuals can subscribe to doe daily support on their allyship journey. To learn more go to