The way that she stood there with such elegantly illustrated poise and studiously echoed, wise wisdoms at the podium, an equated smile and a posture that graced a genuine gesture, accurately parallels aerially and aquatically designated moves. 

Madame Vice President is a boss title of an experiential leader role for Kamala Harris, historically earned and embraced, months following a unique, first of its kind swearing in ceremony.

Now that summer has quickly approached, eventful commencements once again effectively, efficiently dominate in their invited return games. Acknowledged are the countlessly synched, refreshingly spotless, external polished, fine black, white, gold and deep navy blue officer deemed caps seen visibly worn upon the introduction towards a brand new graduating class. A notable milestone captivates a fellow strongly uniformed crowd, minus regularity’s many a differentiated, colorfully represented gown and tassels enthusiastically turned in direction to the left, from the right. Sacrificed honors proudly award youngly chosen, bravely decorative, partnered servicing men and women cadets as their bright futures await their destined, defined callings.

Expertly coordinated, signaled salutes attention grab from Maryland’s relaxingly, sleepily nicknamed, elite bayside, waterfront capitol. Beautiful stars and stripes perfectly fly in etiquette’s solemnly patterned, pursued, reverberated unison. 

America’s anthem stays in mind through neutrally vivid photo of last year, erasable at most.

A fit role model figure sets the trends, providing accented permission to a country’s intricately valued mission, defending the land of the free and the home of the brave. Poetic, patriotic image is more than a rectangularly shaped flag and an opened hand on a heart, a long willed, awaited testament and an everlasting commitment to a job. Elevated flight lifts a man’s fortuned support. Dedicated action welcomes a hope creator’s godspeed.