I have learned (and extensive research by countless others has confirmed) that having a day filled with flow, excitement, and energy requires that we start it right. So that we can ‘win’ the morning.

And with that, the day. The week. The month.

So is today’s post about morning routines? Well yes, and no!

Yes, in that, everyone needs to have one (intentionally structured).

No, in that, it’s NOT about the morning routine. It’s more about a commitment to the principle of consistency. It’s more about your mind knowing what to do every morning after your engine has recharged overnight. So you can take advantage of the highest amount of (natural) willpower you’ll have at any time during a day viz when you wake up. So you can ‘get to work’ rather than wondering what to do, and adding needless cognitive load that depletes your body battery.

As the lyrics of a Steven Furtick song go …

“Consistency separates winners from wannabe’s

Diligence makes the difference between all-time greats and one-hit wonders

For the race is not given to the swift or to the strong

But to the one who endures, to the end…”

Here’s what I do every morning …

  • 45 minutes prayers
  • 10 minutes guided meditation
  • 10 minutes Wim Hoff breathwork
  • 10 minutes silent meditation (covering gratitude, loving-kindness, visualization & affirmations)
  • 10 minutes spiritual readings
  • 30 minutes qigong or light karate workout
  • 5 minutes cold shower
  • 60 minutes writing (except on weekends)

(PS and all in a fasted state. No emails. No social media. Phone always in DND mode)

You may be wondering …

“Damn! That’s nearly 180 minutes of my day ‘gone’….!”

Well, here’s the thing — to me, this start, done every morning, fuels me so strongly, that I feel and perform at my best. Day in, day out. Even if I haven’t slept well the night before. A force multiplier that clears away any brain fog.

Of course, there are days, life happens. I sometimes have to shorten a few protocols and rhythms. And then it’s grit stepping in (another key element in flow, but that’s a topic for hopefully a future post). But I can tell you that I try my darn best the very next day to regain my purposeful start to the day since I then feel unstoppable.

Building on what I said earlier though, you don’t have to follow my plan. But you need a plan!

Very importantly, understand the science behind your protocols & habits.

The mechanisms.

The options available (e.g. it doesn’t have to be Wim Hoff breathing. You can do another pranayama).

And keep iterating.

There’s no PERFECT routine, even though countless gurus and books will have you believe so. Mine has emerged over many years of learning, unlearning, and relearning.

Find what works for you and stick to it. If you can only get 10 minutes in the morning to open and optimize your mind, body, and spirit for an extraordinary day, then do that 10 every day.


Remember, great results come from powerful momentum. It’s like inertia. Once something is in motion, it keeps going unless there’s friction.

Let’s go!