What is Common sense?  Merriam Webster dictionary describes the word “Common Sense” as “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts”. All throughout my early childhood and throughout my teenage times, remember my mom telling me “Use common sense” and she also tells the exact same thing to my dad. But my question is why dad still has to listen to her about “Common sense?” Isn’t he a grownup?

Growing up within the societal norms and of course in an Indian household which is atypical, skews your perceptions and expectations of every word that you hear. You suffer from an insecurity complex that makes you even more skeptical to the use of general words like “Common Sense”. But why am I telling you these things? Do you see any relevance in this present world? How does the meaning of this word vary depending on our background, our childhood and also differ among gender?

Let’s just take the topic of wearing mask and try to explain the disparity of the use of this word common sense. At present we are observing two groups of people: the one group that wants to wear the masks and the one who is vehemently opposed to the idea. Are any of these two groups filled with fools? Of course not, but what makes them so different in this time of the pandemic? Where are their beliefs budding from? Internet ? Public opinions? Or their childhood, from where they have learnt to do things in a certain way?

What about the topic of Social distancing? What does common sense say? To stay 6 feet away? Or to joke about it and say “ oh vertical isolation..thank God!!, not Horizontal”.

What about isolation if you have been exposed? Do you continue to work because you are the only caregiver to an ailing parent (maybe spread or not spread the virus) or keep yourself isolated for the safety of others. What do you do? Common sense will have different people acting and behaving differently based on their present circumstances.

So, what does common sense say? Common sense tells you to make the best decision for yourself under the conditions that make the best sense to you without blaming or pointing fingers at anyone. Do what you think is the best for you first but also care and respect other people’s common sense.

I am not here to pass judgments, but please don’t pass judgment on my opinions either. This world is crushing down on us not just mentally, spiritually and emotionally but also financially, academically and economically. If we don’t take charge of our common sense, this world will be a madhouse and we will be weaved into a vicious cycle of destruction worldwide. So let’s MAKE COMMON SENSE ……COMMON.