Cancer is one of the world’s biggest death reapers.

It’s slow, painful, and agonizes you and loved ones. And if you want to avoid it, we recommend starting now…

Because why risk a battle with it? Why wait for “chemotherapy” and kinase inhibitors?

The answer is – you shouldn’t wait.

Reduce your risk of it. Take your health into your own hands.

After all, better safe than sorry.

What Do I Do?

Live healthy.

Set major lifestyle goals. Put those into action, and live better.

You might have to sacrifice much. But all things considered, your health comes before all else.

So let’s get started. Below are 3 major changes you should aim for. Read the list, and execute them now!

#1 – Stay in a Healthy Weight Range.

This is different from “losing weight” or “shedding a few pounds”.

Here, you’re trying to maintain weight. You’re looking for a healthy bodyweight range. And you’re sticking to it.

It’s a larger goal than weight loss. And it keeps your health journey in perspective.

Why Limit My Weight Range?

It gives you a goal to the grave.

It’s unlike most diets, which last a few months, and are ineffective long-term.

Also, this goal is effective for fending off cancer. After all, obesity can raise its risks.

It’s commonly known that fatter bodies are at greater risk. So stay slim – and stay fit!

A Basic Plan.

First, develop a sustainable exercise and caloric program. This takes a while, and you’ll need assistance.

From there, stick to that plan. Then measure your weight every 2 months.

If you find yourself tipping over, diet (a little bit) back to normal. And if the opposite is true (you’re starving), then eat back to range!

#2 – Slow Down Your Lifestyle.

How many hours a week do you work?

Are you overworking? If so, why?

Do you have endless obligations to keep up with? Are you paying a mortgage, car leases, and business loans off?

If so, it’s time to cut those obligations.


Obligations equal stress. And it’s a common fact that stress contributes to cancer.

Slow your life down. Live peacefully and sustainably. Plan a lifestyle with less debts (and thus) less worries.

Plus, you’ll need less work hours. And if possible, you can switch to a field you love!

Tying Points 1 & 2.

You can’t maintain a healthy body under stress.

If you’re stressed, you’ll seek coping mechanisms. And if that isn’t relaxation, then it’ll be substance abuse.

And those substances include smoking, alcohol, and drugs – all of which are carcinogenic.

But you know what the most commonly abused substance is? That would be food.

In essence, a slower lifestyle discourages you from destroying your body. In fact, it’s a prerequisite for it!

#3 – Reduce Use of Lab Chemicals.

Basically, only use them under a doctor’s supervision.

So that would be for medical issues. Beyond those, why use lab chemicals? Exposure to them is another common carcinogenic.

Chronic Chemical Use.

Some people are obsessed with their physique – to the point of product abuse.

Common examples are people who use exogenous hormones. Others include people that overuse dangerous sprays and creams.

You then have people who don’t know any better.

They have medical issues. But they try to quiet down symptoms through endless pill use…

Those could be pain killers, sleeping pills, etc.

Beyond being dangerous, that’s not way to live life. You should seek long-term treatment, with the help of a specialist.

Less Chemicals – Less Cancer.

Stay fit. Stay natural, and be relaxed.

Those are the keys to a “less cancerous lifestyle.” But don’t forget, they’re also keys to a happier life!