As skill-sets go, developing the ability to become a better communicator isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are ways to become a better communicator in the workplace, and for for anyone willing to practice the rudiments of important social skills, the results can be stunning. Here are just a few great ways to up your communication game, and why doing so can lead to life-changing career outcomes.

Focus on Eye Contact

Whether we notice it or not, it’s easy for our eye contact to wain when we’re talking about a subject we’re not particularly interested in. However, failure to maintain eye contact during a conversation can cause make us appear dismissive to the people we’re speaking with. To treat others with respect and consideration, in other words, it’s vitally important that we meet their eye over the course of a conversation. Doing so shows others that we value their time and interests, and it also makes us better leaders.

Use Reflective Listening

When we can adequately summarize a person’s key points in a conversation, we’ll show them that we are truly listening to what they have to say. If we’re focused on other things or simply waiting for our turn to speak when someone else is talking, the conversation is likely to be unsuccessful. Unfortunately, that can make us ineffective leaders; indeed, to be understood as leaders, we must first understand what others have to say and why they are saying it.

Show Genuine Interest in Others

As Dale Carnegie once said in his bestselling book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” we should strive to find at least one thing that is interesting about a person we’re talking with. If we’re not engaged with what another person is saying, our body language is likely to show our lack of interest. It doesn’t have to be much, but if we can see at least one subject from another person’s point of view, we’ll be able to connect with them in remarkable ways.

For these reasons, becoming a better communicator in the workplace is a skill that can be learned with time. Whether you’re engaging with the interests of others or simply focusing on maintaining eye contact during an important conversation, learning great social skills can truly make you a better leader. And that is business at its best!

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