Let me be clear, getting business cannot be the only reason why you join a board – people will see right through it.  However, if you “do good,” we believe that you will “do well.”  

I had the opportunity to sit down with Kelly Alvarez Vitale, President and Founder of Strategic Philanthropy, one of the first corporate philanthropy consulting firms to launch in Florida. She saw a need for a new philanthropic approach and founded Strategic Philanthropy in 2012 on the belief that effective corporate giving is one that fits an organization’s business goals, values and objectives. Kelly understands how targeted philanthropy can help organizations indirectly market products and services to clearly defined market segments and has witnessed how effective philanthropy opens business opportunities. At The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine our goal has always been to help, whether client or community. It can take time to align your giving with strategy so companies like Strategic Philanthropy provide a valuable service for those trying to do good and do well.  

What is your business and what do you do?  

We believe that companies can “do good” and “do well.” We serve companies, organizations and government agencies looking to enhance their Corporate Philanthropy/Community Relations/Community Outreach presence.  We do this by assisting with sponsorship coordination, managing grant processes, assisting in the coordination of in-kind services, planning employee volunteer opportunities, etc. Ultimately, we align a company or organization’s values and objectives with a community outreach plan that helps both the company and the community.

What is your company’s philanthropic involvement? 

Like we do for our clients, we’ve narrowed down our giving and community involvement into five key areas that reflect our company’s goals, objectives, and values.  Our priorities include: Arts & Culture, Education, A Thriving Fort Lauderdale, Volunteerism and serving as a Nonprofit Resource.  

How do you personally perform community service (where, how, impact)? 

I am involved with the Broward Center for the Performing Arts’ Ghost Light Society where I was a founding member, past co-chair for the organization and board member for the Broward Performing Arts Foundation. My past community involvement includes serving as the Emerge Broward Program Co-Chair – the largest young professional group in the county as well as serving on the Leadership Broward Foundation Board of Directors.  I have co-chaired the Fort Lauderdale Turkey Trot & Paddle in 2014 & 2015, which increased participants by 44% under my leadership and raised $242,000 for the Leadership Broward Foundation and iTrace Foundation.  I was a founding member of ARC Broward’s The Traveling Plate. I am also a community representative for the Broward Cultural Division’s review and funding panel – funding $1.15 million to art and culture organizations in south Florida.  I have also been a United Way Reading Pal, and volunteer for Jack & Jill Children’s Center and my alma mater, Florida State University.

What are 3 ways that giving back can help a business grow? (use personal experience) 

While we hope that everyone who gets involved with a charity has some type of personal passion in the cause, there is also nothing wrong with using the opportunity to get business from it.  Let me be clear, getting business cannot be the only reason why you join a board – people will see right through it.  However, if you “do good,” we believe that you will “do well.”  So, if you truly want to get business from your nonprofit board members, here’s what you should do.

Attend Meetings

Follow Through

Get to Know Other Board Members

To learn more, visit: http://strategicphilanthropyinc.com/3-simple-tips-to-get-business-from-serving-on-a-nonprofit-board/

Where can our readers find you on social media?

Facebook: Facebook.com/StrategicPhilanthropy
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/KellyAlvarezVitale
YouTube: www.youtube.com/DoGoodDoWell