Community. It’s formally defined as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. And while, yes, your community is where you reside, being involved in your local community is more than just declaring where you live. A community provides a sense of belonging for its residents, and knowing the different ways you can get involved will not only foster that sense of belonging but contribute to your personal growth as an individual and community leader. 


It’s likely your local area has at least a few volunteer opportunities you can look into. Whether it’s working with children, elderly, for a local organization, volunteering your time is a really gratifying experience for both you and those you’re helping. You can inquire on a community website or social media group, or call your local community office and see if there is someone who can point you in the right direction. Either way, donating your time is a great way to give back and build your community leadership skills. 

Shop Local

With the power of social media and self-advertising, many hopeful entrepreneurs are starting their own business ventures, and seeking their local neighbors for support. When you shop local, you’re contributing to the growth of the economy within your community and supporting small business owners. Sometimes the best products come from the mom and pop shop downtown! 

Join Local Groups 

Another community area that’s grown exponentially with social media outlets is local groups. Here is where you can really branch out as a community leader and make new connections. You can utilize your town or community website, but you’re also likely to find success in searching local groups on platforms like Facebook. You’d be surprised how many different local groups exist! You can even consider starting your own and see how you can reach others with similar interests. 

Organize Community Events 

Organizing community events is a great next step to take after you’ve gotten involved with the local groups that share similar interests. Network with other group members to organize fun events that can bring your community closer together. Though it may take some time, its a great way to make new connections! 



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