In any of your day to day shopping experiences, do you think about its effect on the environment? Whether you are aware of it or not, your shopping habits can impact the environment in both positive and negative ways. From corporate offices to small businesses, there are companies with pledges and missions to change the environment, making it better for all. Here’s a list of great small businesses that give back in big ways!

Pura Vida Bracelets

Not only does this small business help people around the globe, they’re connected with over 190 charities and organizations. Pura Vida sells bracelets, metal jewelry, and other clothing and accessories with a purpose. Many of their items are designed specifically to represent an organization or a charity, and when that product is purchased, a portion of the profit goes to that organization or charity. In addition to giving back to charity, this Costa Rican founded company provides sustainable jobs for artisans around the world.


The enviro-cause behind WeWOOD is not only cool but also stylish. For every wooden watch that is purchased, this company plants one tree. With their goal being to restore Mother Nature, WeWOOD has planted over 600 thousand trees since 2011 and are striving to reach 1 million by 2020. Trees are a vital part of the environment, and as the lumber industry and urban sprawl claim more and more previously wooded areas that were home to countless species of plants and animals, WeWood seeks to restore the environment to its previous glory and adorn its patrons in trendy timepieces as well.

Norton Point

Starting with surfers who want to keep the ocean clean, Norton Point is a sustainable, socially conscious eyewear company. The company collects plastic from both the ocean and areas on land to stop the plastic before it can reach the ocean. Then they turn that plastic into sustainable sunglasses. 5% of the profits go back to education, research, and development efforts to reduce ocean plastic. Their motto? “Sea plastic different.” With 8 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean, this company seeks to combat this crisis and create cleaner oceans.

Final Straw

Thought it’s still in the startup phase, Final Straw is taking on the problem of single-use plastic straws. Every day, the average American uses one and a half plastic straws that they throw into the trash after a single use. Non-biodegradable, these straws go onto pollute the oceans and wind up in the stomachs and noses of aquatic life. Final Straw is raising money to produce and sell reusable metal straws that fit into a keychain for ease of transport. You can preorder one by clicking the link above and eliminate single-use straws from your life for good.

Green Matters Natural Dye Company

The textile and fashion industries are some of the worst polluters in the modern era. From the amount of water it takes to create a piece of clothing to the toxicity of most modern commercial dyes, the creation of clothing is terrible for our environment. Green Matters Natural Dye Company uses ancient natural plant-based dyes to color textiles and sells to businesses who print on clothing. By farming the plants sustainably and using  them in place of chemicals in their clothes, this company is helping to curb the damage fast fashion causes the planet.

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  • Barry Nerhus

    Experienced Biologist and Environmental Enthusiast

    Barry Nerhus is the founder and senior biologist of Endemic Environmental Services, Inc. He is also the president of the Institute for Conservation Research and Education. Barry strongly believes in understanding and conserving the environment as well as habitats throughout southern California. Having a passion for conservation biology, Barry also teaches part-time at a local community college to educate individuals!