Deforestation has become an increasingly significant issue and shows no signs of improving. Every day more trees are cut down, lands destroyed and ecosystems ripped apart. Equally devastating, deforestation contributes to global warming. Because rainforests are the earth’s primary source of transpiration, climate change is only made worse through continued deforestation. 

Fortunately, there are leading companies attempting to set an example and demonstrate proper stewardship of the environment. Worldwide, companies are fighting against deforestation and finding better ways to provide their products and services sustainably. To help with this crisis, the following companies are some of the industry leaders that you can support in order to reduce deforestation:

Clif Bar & Company

Although they are more well known for their health bars, Clif Bar & Company is fighting against climate change and hopes to reduce further destruction of rainforests. The company takes the time to select and source sustainable ingredients for their products. They believe that they can be a  catalyst for change and help create a healthy, sustainable food supply chain. The company even has Rainforest Alliance certification for their cocoa. Clif Bar & Company is committed to helping the environment and enacting real change.

Kao Corporation 

Founded in Japan, Kao Corporation, owns John Frieda Hair Care, Molton Brown, Merries diapers, and several home and personal care brands. Two of Kao’s primary components for packaging and contents are wood pulp and palm oil. While both commodities are closely associated with deforestation, Forest 500, an independent authority that ranks companies in the forest-risk supply chain, gives the corporation the highest score possible for their commodity policies, reporting and transparency. Kao Corporation has committed to zero deforestation.

Unilever PLC

Unilever PLC is the owner of many famous brands including Axe and Dove. In 2008, to help the environment, the company committed to deforestation-free palm oil. Unilever used 1.5 million metric tons of palm oil and its derivatives in 2012-2013. However, 1.2 million tons of said palm oil were certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Unilever has committed to healing the earth and helping bring deforestation to an end. 

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