One of the definitions of re-entry is to “re-enter earth’s atmosphere from outer space”. In some ways, this perfectly illustrates what we’re all preparing to do. We’re about to (either gently or abruptly) re-enter day-to-day earth-life, emerging from our private spaces back into the unknown energies of the public.

While we’ve been in our private spaces, we’ve had such a variety of experiences. Some have had lots of time to reflect, time for self-care and leisure. Cleaning out closets and reorganizing their approach to time and to life in general.

Some have had more work than usual, with children at home, or the demands of their jobs heightening every emotion and experience. Many of us have had old traumas and fears show up in our dream life and waking times, with anxieties running high. Fear of loss and illness, grief of the veil of innocence being forcefully lifted. Marriages and family dynamics that were tolerable with the “outside world” as an oasis or distraction, have come into full force with no where to escape to.

And then there are those who have awakened the fighter within, either fighting for their right to move freely about the planet, fighting for their families, or even for their lives. It was a surprise to many, watching our individual expression undergoing such dramatic excavation and resurfacing…while the unified field of consciousness strengthened at the same time.

It’s been clear for a long time to many of us who are spiritually awakened, that our overall human way of life was unsustainable. The pace, the pressure, the idea that, in order to have food, water, shelter and love, one must earn it. That’s the old earth paradigm, and it’s dying. New earth is finally emerging. More on our new earth way of life in another episode; for now, let’s talk about what re-entry could look like and feel like during this transition time.

As many different responses as we’ve seen and processed through our own emotional bodies, we will see just as many, if not more, upon re-entry into the public world. How we respond to others and ourselves, will either be expression of, or the test, of what we have truly learned about unity consciousness and caring for each other while sheltering in place.

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Some will be able to go with the flow, and ease back into a new normal. Some are adaptable that way. Then there are those of us who are super sensitive, and have been processing on multiple levels in real time. We’ll see a huge variance in how we adapt to the upcoming shifts. The energies that we can bring to every situation, regardless of how we show up for each other are kindness, compassion and empathy.

Kindness and compassion mean that we feel for another, for their situation and we take a gentle approach. Empathy means we don’t just feel for them, we actually feel their feelings. Upgraded empathy means that we are compassionate and kind, without trying to fix another person or “make them feel better”, but witnessing with a loving heart and an open mind.

It can be helpful to have a plan, an idea of how we consciously choose to show up with others, knowing that there will be many different ways that people have processed the collective and individual trauma that we’ve all been through. Consider, how can you kindly, compassionately witness…

• those who, even though their area has “opened up”, will choose to stay home.

• those who can’t wait to get out of the house and back to work, whether for the break from home life or the financial support.

• those who have lost loved ones or have survived an incredibly trying time, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

• those who haven’t been able to be with their loved ones in other areas or nursing homes, and haven’t been able to fully process or grieve their losses.

• those who will continue to distance well beyond any medical recommendation, refuse a hug, or will wear a mask for many months to come.

• those who show symptoms of agoraphobia, OCD, or other mental health imbalances that these types of trauma can bring up.

• those who are obviously struggling but don’t have the tools to talk about it.

It may seem too simple, but I’ve found that validating another’s experience, without bias or judgment, is dependent on my own self-judgment being healed. We know that we are not accessing our highest state of consciousness if we’re in judgment of another. And we only judge another if we’ve been holding that same energy internally, directed toward ourselves.

Loving, compassionate witnessing and validation aren’t hard to do. But they can feel difficult to get to when we’re dealing with or repressing our own issues. Self-care and self-kindness must be at our forefront, for us to show up for others in the ways that we want to. Heart-brain coherence and meditation are the easiest and most accessible ways I’ve found to do that.

Listen to the Coherence Mastery Meditation episode of my State of the Universe Podcast, to help heal your own wounds from this time, and set the stage to meet others where they are – not where you’d be more comfortable for them to be. I’ve heard the phrase, “we’re all in this together” a lot during this pandemic, and now we get to fully express and integrate that belief as we’re all thrown back into the mix together.

I love you. I accept you how you are processing this trauma and collective stress. You have the right to feel how you feel, do what you want to do, and say what you want to say. Wear a mask or don’t. Stay home or go out. Live your life the way it feels TRUE for you. I support you and honor you as a sovereign free human.

Blessings, in love and service,