The Enterprises are Shifting Towards Social Intranet. Know why?

Social networking has become major modes of communication, promotion and marketing even in enterprises. Earlier corporates used to rely only on emails for major communication. But often vital notices and communications were missed out in the clogged mailboxes. Or someone didn’t see emails over the weekend or couple of days which communicated the miscommunication.

Introducing Creative Social Intranet for enterprise collaboration and communication has solved the issue of miscommunication or lost emails, thus ensuring that vital information is always tagged to the desired person from the enterprise.

Modern Intranet Internally for Employees with a professional look

Daily new posts with number of likes and comments are seen by so many users. Social Media has become part of every human,s life. Many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc, are also responsible for engaging new set of clients from a business perspective and establish a conversation between them.

Creative Social Network intranet has been designed and developed based on best of the breeds of social media for various communication methods. Be likes, comments, uploading profiles, recommendations, reviews, sharing news or uploading casestudies.

People with clear vision on strategies and goals always become good leaders. Good leaders or Managers always show their this skills while working in a team and motivate their team to develop such skills further for better company productivity. But most of the time such skills are not enough for appreciation. Even if you are highly trained and proficient in professional skills, success of your team is dependent on how well you work with your subordinates and colleagues. Key to successful leadership and management demands emotional intelligence.

In big organisation, as you grow up in the hierarchy, this interpersonal skills matter more than the technical skills. You should be able to make emotional connect with your managers and team members. Often emotional connect is misunderstood with being emotional. But it is all about the human connect between two persons appreciating their work and showing them how vital they are and there is more to the relationship than just the job at hand. helps to develop such emotional and logical connect with your team members, with the right appreciation and reward tool.

Without a proper emotional connect, 80% of employees become disengaged from their jobs, managers and companies they work. Motivation is needed to put just a minimum amount of efforts required in return of the salaries. So the managers should work to ensure that an emotional connect is there between them and their employees of their organisation.

Creative Social Intranet is a complete intranet portal software with latest features that suffice the need of the organization from start to finish. Improved employee engagement, better corporate communication, enhanced collaboration, appealing motivations through rewards and recognitions are the goals which grab our major focus.  One of the pioneer benefits of our Creative social networking platform is the way free flow of communication is being done among all the people. Similarly, like common social media network you access on the daily basis, we provide the same with exact feel and way to share and receive plenty of information.


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