The after-effect of COVID-19 varies from one person to the other. Overall, the economy has suffered immensely, along with many industrial sectors. Amidst lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, the general health of people has been getting affected. It is mostly because no one is used to staying at home for such a prolonged time. From body aches to stress and anxiety – the pandemic has made everyone suffer. And it has become imperative to opt-in for lifestyle changes and practices to ensure complete wellness of the mind and body.

Wellness guidelines by Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital

Maintaining safety protocols is essential during the pandemic. Masks and sanitizers are necessary to carry when you are stepping out. It is also vital to boost your immunity to ward off the infection and stay well. According to Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital some of the critical wellbeing guidelines are:

  1. Immunity boosters and health supplement

Currently, everyone must boost their immunity, as that’s how one can fight the virus. Other than doing the basics like eating on time, sleeping well, and exercise, it has become imperative to consume immunity boosters. It could be a potion or a herbal concoction comprising lemon, cloves, water, and tea leaves to cleanse the body and enhance its protective mechanism. It is also essential to have health supplements like Vitamin C and Zinc supplements to keep the body high in immunity and agility. 

  • Taking care of the respiratory tract

COVID-19 affects the respiratory zone. And hence, it has become imperative to care for this area. Drinking warm water, gargling, and inhaling and exhaling steam is an excellent way to keep the respiratory tract clean and free from bacteria and other flu symptoms. It also helps to comfort the after-effects of common cold and cough.

  • Exercise

Staying at home for long hours can make a person lead a sedentary life! It is necessary to keep active. For this, exercise is the best option. You can do anything between low to high-intensity yoga or any other form of exercise that is comfortable for you. Don’t increase the pace and intensity at one go. It would be best if you stayed consistent at the practice. Hence, select a time and the type of exercise that you know you can carry out at all times.

  • Meditation

Pandemic stress can result in ill health. There is nervous energy everywhere, and it has become essential to ensure that you lower your stress and anxiety. Meditation and breathwork can help to calm the mind and help a person focus on the current moment.

  • Less of news

The news updates will keep on listing the contamination and infection rates. Hence, it is necessary to stay away from the scary news updates to add to your stress. It’s best to tune in to the news once every fifteen days to check the pandemic status and not internalize the anxiety.

Wellness is essential during this pandemic phase; else, you will live each day in nervousness. The ways mentioned above will help you stay calm and redeem your well-being.