A droplet irrigation system usually consists of a large number of small hoses, droppers and a container for the water and the nutrient solution . The hoses transport the nutrient-rich water to your plants and, depending on the system, one or more pumps literally keep the whole thing going. Alternatively, you can simply place a couple of storage tanks above the plants so that the water does not get to the plants using a pump, but by gravity.

Another great advantage of such a system is that everything is completely automated and you don’t have to worry about it yourself. Most irrigation systems are fairly easy to install. All you have to do is find a suitable place for the tank, install the drip devices in the pots and then connect them to the system using the hoses. The system does matter, but simple irrigation systems are usually pretty cheap.


Using an irrigation system has many advantages. Including:

Optimal nutrient efficiency

An irrigation system enables precise control over the amount and frequency with which you water your plants, which means that you have precise control over the supply of nutrients. Once you have found out what your cannabis plants need for optimal growth, you can fine-tune your nutrient supply and automate and adjust the system accordingly so that not a single drop of nutrient solution is wasted!

It saves water

Saving water is not only a financial aspect, but really important for growers in extremely dry areas. With the help of a drip irrigation system, you can supply your plants with exactly the amount of water they need for optimal growth. This not only saves water, but is also a useful measure against the death kiss for cannabis: over-watering.

Guarantees healthy plants and high growth power

Because of the efficient supply of water and nutrients, there are fewer problems due to nutrient blockage or excess, pests, mold or root rot. The result is that your plants thrive very well and you don’t have to waste time fighting any problems and the subsequent recovery period! That alone is a pretty strong argument for an irrigation system.

You don’t have to be on site to take care of your plants

In contrast to manual irrigation and nutrient supply, an irrigation system works automatically without you having to be on site. Depending on the size of the water tank, your plants can be taken care of for days, if not weeks. Finally, you can travel with a clear conscience because you know that your plants get everything they need during your absence: another important point that speaks for an irrigation system!

More time for other things

The automation of common tasks in the mounting area gives you more time for other things. With one or two plants this may not sound like a big deal, but as soon as there are several plants, the time saved is enormous. Let’s say you spend 20 minutes a day watering your plants; with an irrigation system, you can get out more than two hours a week!


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