Connect through love not fear

Working with many leadership teams over the last few weeks I really noticed how much anxiety, distraction and overwhelm was present. Not only in peoples thinking but in their overall demeanour. Even upon driving to sessions I’ve noticed people walking around staring aimlessly at their phones, face masks on and very little human interaction to be seen. I even observed a guy in a lift take his jacket off, wrap it around his hand and then push the lift button. 

This isn’t surprising behaviour given the current world events. It is natural for us to come from a place of fear versus a place of love but we need to make a choice and it’s one we all have access to. 

Love is a positive emotion that connects us whereas fear disconnects us from others. 

Coming from a place of love in situations where we default to fear can serve us in a multitude of ways. Our thoughts determine our feelings and therefore the action we take. 

We need to make a conscious effort to:

Be kind

The smallest actions can build deeper connection to self and others and can make a huge difference. I let someone go before me at the checkout at Coles last night and this was received with so much gratitude. 

Focus on what isn’t changing and the things you can control 

The recent toilet paper fiasco was a result of people doing control in “ overdrive” by overbuying to feel they have some control in the situation.

Look at focusing on small things like daily routines and habits that serve you.  

Come from a place of love and perspective, not from a place of blame

Ask yourself “What would love do?” when questioning how to respond to things. 

Reflect on your view of the situation and the language you are using

Communication is the response you get. Make sure the team you are leading or are in is fostering open, clear and intentional communication  (especially if now working remotely)  

Is this hindering or helping you and others? How is your team interacting?

Show empathy and compassion

Others may view things differently to you so consistently lean in to how others are feeling and appreciate them.

Remind ourselves we are all connected

We know that together we are better and reinforcing the fact we are all connected and have an innate need for connection can drive a connective energy. 

Respond vs. reacting

A response is driven by logic opposed to a reaction that is emotionally led and often regretted. Take the time breath, pause and then respond. 

Self reflect 

Invest in the time to reflect on your story and thoughts from a place of love, this will flow on to your actions. 

Being connected to ourselves is vital especially at times like this. It’s the foundation to deeper connective relationships and interactions with others in and out of the workplace. 

I’ve recently been writing on The Gift of Connection, one of 12 Gifts, in my upcoming book and it basically consists of two key elements: self connection and connection to others.

We cannot be fully connected to others until we tune in to ourselves. 

I’d love to hear how you  and your teams/s are consciously connecting? 

To being Limitless…