Try doing this short visualization twice a day for the next few days and see if it is helpful to you. I wrote it for a student who was struggling with isolation and anxiety. Then I started using it and it’s been very helpful. Feel free to tweak it to make it your own too. 

Sit quietly for 5 breaths. 

Slow, deep, from the belly. 

5 more, slow, deep, from the belly. 

Relax. Let go of tension in your jaw, your shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, your lower back, your legs, ankles, feet, toes. 

Think of someone you love. Picture their face. 

Now, imagine a tunnel made of light, big enough for a soccer ball to roll through, running from your chest to that person you love. There is warmth and light flowing freely from you to this person, and back to you, glowing waves of golden light. 

Think of another person you love, a family member or a friend. This person loves you and has your back. See a new flow of light passing from you to this person, and back, back and forth in golden waves. See the first connection, still as strong as it was when you first saw it. Now you have two tunnels of light and love, extending from you to two beautiful loved ones. 

Now imagine another, this one emerging from another part of your body, an arm perhaps, or a leg, a shoulder, a knee, to another loved one. See the light flowing back and forth to this new, third, person. The first two tunnels of light are still as clear and unwavering as ever. Three flows of golden light connect you to three people. See a fourth. Keep going, adding new courses of warmth and light, while the earlier ones remain as strong as ever, until you are surrounded by a web of golden light and strong connections of love for the people you love. 

Feel the light warming your heart. Each of these people cares about you, wishes you the best, wants you to be happy, loves you. Their love fills you with warmth, so that little by little you feel yourself becoming warmer and cozier, held, secure. See each of their dear faces. You love each of them and want what is good for them, and that love flows from you to them. You are surrounded by light, warmth, love. You are floating in a field of caring. 

You are so deeply connected to this beautiful network of people with deep hearts and smart minds. You are connected. Their love for you and the love you feel for them remains with you always, when you think of it and when you are not thinking of it, when you go through your day, and as you prepare for bed at night, when you awaken in the morning, and at every moment. You exist always in a network of love and caring. This is your home. You are connected. 

Knowing and feeling this, take 5 slow, relaxed breaths, allowing any lingering tension to gently exit your body. The golden light warms and heals you, helps you to let go of anything needed, for you are connected. 

Take 5 more breaths slowly. When you are ready, open your eyes and stretch. These are your people and they are with you. No physical distance can get in the way of this light. You are connected, now and always.